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I need help

I need help

Hello guys,

I’ve been doing PE for 4 months now, and I have some problems….please advise. My routine consists of almost an hour at 6 in the mornings 3 on 1 off, 5 min. hot wrap then jelquin for 30 minutes at a very slow pace, aprox. 3 to 4 sec. then hot wrap for 5 min. Now the problem I have is that I also Hang at 12m for almost 2 hours, 3 sets of 20 minutes each and 10 minutes rest but my unit is still engorged for the previous jelquing in the mornings and when I put the weigths on (10 BTC) I get a lot of fluids build up under the glands.
I tried changing my wrapping technique but still have the fluids build under the glands because of the weigths applied,today it was huge I got scared, it went away after a few hours.
My question is, since I’m going for lenght should I give up jelquing and do a hanging workout only? is very frustating to make the time for hanging and not have any fatigue at all after the sets because of the re-atachments of the weigths.
Excuse my mistakes but english is not my primary language..Thanks.

I suggest hanging first, then jelqing.

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Hey Lomito,

I’d recommend reducing the jelqing a lot. Five minutes of light jelqing in the morning (no warm-up necessary, probably) should be enough to keep the blood-flow and whatnot going. Hanging is a very serious PE workout, and many guys, when they progress to it, do it exclusively. Your risk of injury is much higher if you combine it with high quantities of other techniques simultaneously.

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Sounds like you’re jelqing your penis full of fluid, then trapping it with the wrap and hanger. If you’re able to you might try hanging on days you don’t jelq or at a later time in the day. Jelqing is a length exercuse, many guys gain from it alone, so I wouldn’t give it up.

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So would I

Ditto ;)


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