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I must admit, I'm a little angry and confused.

Originally Posted by Naab
You’re right, Lex does suck. He truly thinks having a big dick is all he needs. He has a herky jerky stroke, and makes a bunch of noise. Then he always tries to hurt the women. That’s a big turn off for me. He is the poster child for “Big dick, bad lover!”

I’m a little on the fence on that one. I’ve seen a few scenes where he bangs the crap out of his partner’s. Not to the extent that Slayer does, he really does know how to bang. Amazing stamina. Ben English and him are my idols in terms of dick control.

But you’re right, he does think that having a big dick makes him not have to work for it.

Mandingo’s pretty poor. I’ve seen him pretty much prematurely ejaculate a few times in scenes. No warning, nothing. Girl is just busy trying to get it going and he just pulls out and splat. Scene done in like 8 minutes..
Although with that size you couldn’t really go too crazy with many women. But he still has poor control.

Wouldn’t you think with as much size as big Mandingo has, that almost all the performers feel like a tight virgin would feel to

Any one of us?


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