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I made a pleasant mistake discovery

I made a pleasant mistake discovery

I stopped PE’ing about a year or so ago and recently started back this past month. When signing back on I assumed that my EL and EG were back to normal so I did not measure. Well I decided to go ahead and measure to confirm my disappointment and to my surprise my losses were not as bad I assumed. I thought I was back to my original 5.75EL x 5.25EG but my EL was still 6.0” down from the 6.25” that I had achieved.. Still a loss but not a total loss.. Since I have been jelqing for a week, it is possible that I pulled that 0.25” out in a week but I was never one for fast gains before.. Penis memory perhaps !! Either way, if it was leftovers from before or a fast response to a familiar process, I am happy to see it..


8/06 First measured @ (starting over again) BPEL-6.0" X EG-5.25"

10/06 (2 months) BPEL-6.00" X EG- 5.50" BUT NO LENGTH :0(

Second goal to measure on 12/06 (4 months) Bpel-6.25" X EG -5.75"

Well I’m happy that you kept some of your gains:)

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