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I know what I am going to say to her now!

I know what I am going to say to her now!

When I get closer to my goal, 8x6 and Mrs Smith finally sits me down and asks whats been up in the shower, I know what I am going to tell her.

I am going to tell her that I am simply performing Penis health exercises. I won’t mention anything about Penis Enlargement Techniques or jelqs or none of the above. She can’t argue with the “health issue. Now she is not stupid and may see right past this but it MAY work!

The reason I cannot tell her what I am up to is because she has told me a few times in the past that I have a big peter and she is glad it is not any bigger. Yeah? We’ll see about that…………to be continued

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Why keeping secrets away anyway. With your friends, ok dont need to tell them you’re PEing, but your wife… why she wouldnt “accept” you’re doing this?

Oh, she would accept it but I think it is a LOT more fun doing this without her knowing. When you’ve been married as long as I have, 27 years now, you do little things to keep it all interesting and exciting and surprizing. Just fun stuff.


Yeah I understand :)
I guess the “Dear, you seems to get bigger and bigger with time” is pretty fun to hear, since she doesnt expect you to get bigger.

PE’s so great :D

Yep, it just keeps things fun………..

BTW, it is cool to be able to post now on the Member area.

Did I already say that???


Hey! I am excited! I’m an old timer now!!! Heh heh


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