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I know I've jelqued productively when...


Great stuff!

How about the converse of the thread title;

I know I’ve overdone it when…

I really think loss of morning wood is a good early warning sign to back off a bit.

Loss of morning wood or decrease in nocturnal erections are the equivalent of joint soreness in wt training…a sure indicator that you are over doing it. Do you agree?

I also think red spots are a sign of over doing it…at least in pumping. Do you feel red spots are ok in jelquing…or mean you’ve over done it?


I mix things up allot and try not to get into a set routine. The logic being that was always a bad thing in body building.

My new thing is, I’ll have an extended session in the evening. Lots of jelqing, and erect squeezes. About an hour of pretty constant work. Then throughout the next day I have lite sessions just enough jelqing to maintain a good pump. I’ll jelq in the morning mid day and evening. 10 - 15 mins. Nothing real intense.

The logic is I feel I’m healing from the hard workout I had that evening. Instead of having hard session after hard session. I’m letting it heal but keeping it pumped up as big as possible while it heals. I’ll have a hard session every other night.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Thanks for the post Deadeye.

What I’m trying to develop here is things that you have found worked for you.

Of course, what I mean by that is, that which has given you good growth.

Kinda like reverse engineering. When you have seen good results (growth) tell us the signs you had on the way.

If we start getting into routines…it all becomes speculation…EG. this MAY work.

So things that definitely indicate that you had a good session, because when your seen it, you had your best results.


Things you’ve seen before it all went south on you (lost progress or developed and injury).

I have seen many guys who used a newbie routine of some manual stretches and jelquing in the shower for 15 minutes in the morning and gained an inch in 2 months.

What I want to know from experiences like that is, what did you feel (pleasure, minor discomfort, real discomfort).

What did you see ( penis would be significantly thicker, redder, longer etc)

How did it feel afterward (slight sore, puffed all day, longer all day, not at all sore, etc).

What were the signs that you over did it ( turtled up, pain, decreased nightly and morning wood, etc.).

I think with this kind of feed back it will help me and others recognise the guideposts of productive work and help stop us quicker when we are headed in the wrong direction.




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