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I just got my Phallosan ADS and Im confused


A comment on andoNYC experiences with the company. I have the same feeling. They are slow and not service oriented. When I first bought the thing they took the money from my card but nothing happened for two weeks. Then I said I was going to take legal action and they had it flown in quickly and I got 5 emails detailing every step on the way and it was very quick. When I wrote and thanked him for the nice service etc. it went back to bad - I asked if there was a user forum and ordered replacements, but nothing happened no reply, nothing. Then a guy here on Thunders turned out to be selling the same condoms (they are produced by BARD in the US) and I ordered them from him and cancelled my order with Phallosan.

The few times I have managed to get it on, I found it comfortable. I have worn it for 5 hours at a time. I do get frustrated trying to put the damn thing on when I want to take a piss, but maybe that’ll get easier. I think I paid $270 for it.

I dont have a problem losing vaccuum. In fact by the time I am done putting on the condom, I dont get half of a pump out of the vaccuum and it doesnt seem to loosen up for me either, if I am understanding you guys.

Maybe part of my problem is that 1) I get a semi and 2) most of the time I use it right after I have done my daily pumping session.

I will keep you informed and thanks for all the comments.


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Originally Posted by Slack
$270? Wow.thats a heck of a lot to pay for an ADS..

Not if you use it.

Maybe I’ll try again with the US made condoms.

What I had been doing on those warmer ‘shorts’ days has been to attach my AutoADS to the clip and wear it that way.

Your experience is causing me to give the thing a second glance. I’m glad it’s working so well for you- good luck.

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I’m getting my penis-plus on Friday. I read about phallosan the day after I ordered it and asked them if it could be adapted to the penis-plus. They said yes and they sell the kit and all but I think I will wait to see more feedback from you guys before I convert to the phallosan kit. BTW you guys all have helped me by giving me hope that I don’t need to live the rest of my life the size that I am. Thank you.

Got my phallosan. Tricky at first to get used to but supper comfortable. I had it on for 3 strait hours without break and felt fine. Did have a little plastic deformation at tip of glands due to to much tension but that went away after a couple hours. Any idea’s on different ADS being used in combination for a total of 18 or more hours a day? I mean the plus’s and minus’s of it.

I am using the phallosan also.. Converted from the penis plus becouse the damn think kept slipping off. The only thing that bothers me is that the condoms weare out fast.. But that could be solved by buying external catheters I guess cheap and strong :) I hope my penis will get a bit bigger soon :p

I use Phallosan also and have had significant gains.

It’s really very comfy (as in actually feels good) and I can wear it 10-12 hours a day with no side effects, and without anyone at work noticing - so I’m generally very satisfied with it in fact.

The grip is so comfy I now have the stretch belt stretched to full tightness, and I’ve gone up a cup size (I started with the medium and am now on the large - they make an XL too which I’m looking forwards to using).

I’m uncut and have tried the exercises, pumps, autoextender - you name it really - and this is the only thing I’ve found that works so far.

I do find the ‘stretch’ condoms wear out quickly - but you can easily replace this with a regular condom. Regular condoms are very cheap if you buy them in bulk (I get 100 at a time) or get them free from your local clinic. I find they’ll support a higher tension than the original stretch condom ever could - but you should get a smaller condom than you would usually use for, ahem, other purposes, as you’ll be using them flaccid.

To use a regular condom with Phallosan (and save yourself 50 bucks in the process), just cut off the old stretch-condom just above the rim of the suction cup. Then take a regular condom and cut a very small slit in the tip (I use nail clippers for this), and pass it over the end of the suction tube. You’ll find when you apply suction that the regular condom sticks to the remains of the ‘stretch’ condom and gives a good seal.

Regular condoms do lose elasticity quite quickly, so you’ll need to replace it every couple of days or so.

I’m sorry but what form of ads is this

Originally Posted by Slack
$270? Wow.thats a heck of a lot to pay for an ADS..

Woahhhh aren’t there ways to make your own quite cheaply


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