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I jelq'd like 30 mins striaght today, and now have like lil poke-a-dots on ----

I jelq'd like 30 mins striaght today, and now have like lil poke-a-dots on ----

I jelq’d like 30 mins striaght today, and now have like lil poke-a-dots on the head of my dick

is that normal?

how long do they last?

if i get those does it mean i’m doing it right or wrong?


Its very normal and to be expected - no need to worry.

Its just because of the pressure - in time you will toughen up and get them less, but you’re gonna get them sometimes even when experienced, because you need to gradually increase the workload to make gains.


thanks… how long do they normally last?

Tito - welcome to the board.. It depends on the person how long it will last but its nothing to worry about. Infact, you don’t need to take a break from it unless you squeeze some blood out of the top of your dick. but even then you just need a few days off then you can start up again.

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Is darkening of the skin, sort of like bruising but not quite, also a positive sign? I do intense jelqs and afterwards, while doing Horses, it is a dark purple color which lasts for a few days. In fact, I haven’t taken time off for it to completely restore the color on my glans. I just keep on with the program. I guess it will lead to permanent pigmentation, eh?

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I doubt this is a good sign, but I may stand corrected. I have a ‘stain’ type darkening on one side of my glans, not very noticeable but it is more dark purple while the rest of the glans is reddish purple. It was not there before PE, got it using the MaXtender (which I do not recommend) and has been there ever since. It doesn’t seem to have affected anything, it’s just a visible side effect.

The reason I don’t think it is a good sign is that it corresponds to the ‘mark of strain’ on my glans when pulling it in a flaccid state. Trying to convert those words to something comprehensible, when squeezing the glans in a tight pull, the top around the hole is a little bunched up - on the side of the thumb it goes dark purple.


Brusing can be expected. As long as you don’t pass the mark from discomfort to pain. Also take a day or 2 off each week, like weekends.

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