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I Hit 8"+. But I seem to have lost some girth

I Hit 8"+. But I seem to have lost some girth

It’s kinda bitter sweet. I hit my first goal of 8.0”. Hit it very well, the ruler was reading 8 and 1/16” some times 8 and 1/8”. So I feel confident that I hit the 8.0” and am recording that.

But my girth seems to be down by 1/8”. I was 5.625” 2 weeks ago and for over a month I thought I was at that, now 5.5”. Unless I was not getting a good measurement before. I came up with a more reliable way to measure girth. I have a flexible tape that is used for measuring lens diameters in mm. I attached a weight to this so it will always pull down with the same force and hence tighten to the same amount each time I measure. So at first I thought that the measurements were off because I never used this before. Nope I got out the old trusty cloth tape and got the same results. What I don’t like about the cloth tape is the metal tab that is on the 1st inch. Never felt I got a very good measurement with it. That’s why I came up with the other method.

I was so focused on hitting my goal this week that I probably did not do my girth work as well as I should have.

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

What do you attribute your length gain to? Routine?

Thanks for info!

Congrats on your length gains and reaching your goal! :jumpblue: Celebrate and be happy!

I would not sweat your latest girth measurement — those things fluctuate, big deal — you might measure bigger tomorrow. Or as you say perhaps your new measuring method is more accurate.

For what it is worth, 5.5 is my MSEG goal. I am thinking anything larger than that might make oral tricky. And I really don’t want that to happen.

But that’s just me —-

So congratulations too on your GREAT GIRTH GAINS.

As to your furture girth goal, I have seen many here advocate reaching length goals before focusing on girth work. So it sounds like you are good to go!


ON EDIT: as an aside — measure your measuring tape with a ruler. My measuring tape is OFF by a 1/16 of an inch. This is apparently pretty common.

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I need to get my log up to date that will show what I have been doing lately.

I measure every 2 weeks. And for a while have been getting an 1/8” each time. The last 2 weeks have been better for me. I think most of it is due to my new LED device that I speak about in my log. This new one, I call the MKIII, because it is the 3rd incarnation. It has a pulse width modulator circuit that I made with an AVR microcontroller, I can adjust the intensity to any thing I want. This allows me to not only get the speed healing effect of the 660 n meter light, but to also use it as a heater. So my unit is always warm, I ware this device under my clothes so I can have it on all day. So It’s like having a heating pad on your unit all day long. I have to change out the batteries about 3 times a day. The batteries are on my ankle and I have an extra set that I recharge. Any way with the increased heat and blood flow I think healing is accelerated and may be also do the the light. Being always warm when I do quick pee pulls it feels like your doing your main routine. All warmed up and ready for PE.

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

Thanks sta-kool that means a lot. I am kinda down about the girth. But I think your right, lets see what the future brings. Thanks for the ruler tip. I just checked mine and it right on the money. Darn can’t add another 1/16” :-)

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

Congratulations on your gains!! and beyond that, I take my hat off for your dedication, discipline and courage to put your knowledge into this “science” You are very detailed and organized; I’ve always had a great respect for people like you who come from the heartland and make this country an even better place to live on Earth. You are a great American. Like sta-kool said, celebrate your gains!!! girth will come later for sure. And if the LED device was responsible for the rapid gains, you should think about commercializing that thing.

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

And I thought I was the only one!!

After I reached my length gains ( 2 + inches), I found to my horror I had lost 1/4 inch in girth!!!

Nothing but clamps, horse squeezes, and jelqs from now on for me.

Length gains are a Devil’s trade. proceed with caution!!

Congratulations and don’t worry about the girth. My experience is that girth is more variable than length, so what you though you had lost may be back sooner than you think.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Just out of curiosity will you be marketing and selling your LED thing anytime soon?? great gains by the way:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks djufo for those kind words. I wish I had my online log up to date. I update a spread sheet a few times a day. It’s my true log, also useful for doing calculations of my new volume etc. I don’t want to just start updating it with were I am now and not present the full story. Their could be something useful in the road I am taking that I have not appreciated yet, and some one else might find value in all the data as it unfolded. You and I have the same girth goal. Unless my wife starts to complain then I will have to adjust my goals.

Yea, bigstink9 its a bit of a let down I know. You think your not making gains only changing it’s shape.

ModestoMan, thanks for your support. To you and Dino9X7 I have been thinking about making a few more of them. Maybe even a small production run so the cost is not too high. Hand made boards and arrays are a bit time consuming.

I will start a thread with pictures of some of the “PE tools” I use and have come up with.

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

You got it Thunder

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

Let me know. Definitely interested in any PE product that can help me gain.

6 X 5(Jun 2002) ----> 8 7/8 X 6 (OCt 2009) -----> 9.75 X 6.0 (Goal)

'I think you will find that the one thing all big gainers have in common is tenacity.' ~Bib

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