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I have one more question before I start...

I have one more question before I start...

Hi. I just have a quick FR question I came upon the other day. I was wondering if men who have had pretty much everything taken away can also get to the point where smegma (i think its called) is produced. I was thinking maybe taking away the frenulum and other vital parts might be a hindrance. Also, is wetness restored to the glans as well? I thought maybe having certain skins removed might make it harder to return to a near normal state. Thatnks a lot, guys.

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The short answer is: it depends. Smegma is produced in the natural penis by the inner surface of the foreskin. Depending on how much inner foreskin was left to you by your circumcision, with a full coverage restoration (usually about a three year project) you probably would start producing smegma again. If you have a circumcision scar close to the glans, you probably have little remaining inner foreskin. If your scar is mid shaft, you probably have enough to produce a restored ‘skin that could produce smegma.

Here is a page from one man’s FR diary where he talks of smegma production by his restored foreskin.

I’m a haphazard restorer and am about 3/4 covered while flaccid and not covered at all when erect. Until I can keep my glans fully covered all the time, I won’t be producing any. PE is helping with my restoration efforts, by the way, so perhaps your journey to a full restoration won’t take three years if you PE along with FR. Good luck.

(Do I win a prize for saying ‘smegma’ half a dozen times?)

>Do I win a prize for saying ‘smegma’ half a dozen times?

I have a collection of differently shaped urinal cakes. If you’re interested, you can have one.

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