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I have ED


Congratulation Donger! I am really happy for you.

And guess what, I am back to normal now when I woke up this morning. I feel like a new person!! I am not going to pe anytime soon though. I was really scared for past few days. It was surely the lowest point of my life. Feeling of ED is difficult to be compensate and overcome by the result of PE.

Hey dongers -

Glad to hear you’re doing good! Based on my experience, if you want to start back into PE, wait until you are 100% confident about your erections, then wait a little longer, then do this routine:

5 minute hot wrap
8 minutes light/medium intensity jelqing
5 minute hot wrap

Do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or just every other day).

I started back last week, and my erections are great. And my flaccid hang has improved. Avoid stretching. Avoid high intensity. Take it slow, and don’t worry about gaining.

Hi, i have the same ED probs.
Soft glans and CS,only when i squeeze my superficial vein,the glans is swelling..

I used high dosage Viagra (100mg) and Cialis .
There was no effect on the CS and glans…….

Maybe a venous leakage?

Thanks for sharing opinions

I didn’t even know that the CS and the glans (which are connected for those who don’t know) were supposed to get hard. My glans will get big, but it won’t be hard like the CCs, and it doesn’t feel like it’s chocked full of blood like when I’m doing a uli or something. Are most people’s CSs and head hard when they have erections?

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At the base my CS is pretty hard, but further up becomes just firm. The head is also firm, but not hard.

Does this sound like anyone else?


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