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I have ED

hey dongers

When I had ED, I did not have morning wood. I had the hardest time getting myself up even for masturbation. Once he was up, I couldn’t maintain an erection…he would deflate fast. He was never able to get 100%.

The first time I had ED, it lasted about a month and a half. I think the first three weeks were physical, and the remaining three weeks were psychological. I went to the doctor, and he gave me some Viagra. I took it a few times, and after I built my confidence back up, I was fine.

The second time through PE, I did just jelqing, and I had no problems with getting a good erection.

The second time I got ED was when I decided to get back into PE for the third time, and I started out with stretching. Immediately, the ED came back. It took a week and a half for me to get back to normal.

Since I stopped PE two months ago, I have morning wood all the time. I even have spontaneous erections like I had before PE, and I can maintain them for a long time. I’m much happier not doing PE, so I’m going to keep it that way for now.

I suggest that when you get back to normal (and you will), put PE off to the side. Get your confidence back up and enjoy your erections with your GF. If you decide that you want to continue your PE efforts after your break:

1. Take it very slow
2. Just jelqing. Start out light for 8 minutes during the first two weeks.
3. Hot wraps before and after workout
4. No manual stretching.

Don’t worry, man. The Doctor will help you out, and we’re here to support you.

Luvdadus said, “By not having any pressure to have an erection often will lead to a diamond cutter and the plan for non penetrative sex may change, but if it does - its probably because you pressurized yourself again for the sex. If you try this it would be a good idea to stick with the non penetration plan for the first two or three sessions.”

That’s super advice for men freaked by performance anxiety.

I’d add only to that suggestion that if your g/f sleeps over or you sleep over at her place, morning sex is often far less anxiety-ridden than nighttime sex. You are well-rested, your testosterone levels are higher in the morning than they will be all day, you’re already physically close and don’t have any clothes on, there’s little time to think if you happen to snuggle, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

You’ll be fine. Begin to believe that.



flaccid spongiosum

Dongers, I really feel for your situation. I dont really have any good advice but just wanted to share that I also think your situation has a physical component.

Shortly after I started doing PE, I noticed that occasionally I would get erections where my corpus cavernosum (sides) were rock hard, but my corpus spongiosum (bottom) was essentially empty or flaccid. It didn;t happen all the time though & I never understood why that happened. It hasnt happened much at all lately (knock on “wood” :) , & to be honest I never thought that much of it to post anything until I read your message. It happens sometimes when I masterbate, usually I’ll jelk a few times and do some PC squeezes and it would go away.

I cant remember if I started getting this before or after I was doing the horse stretch. But maybe it has to do with opening some passages at the base of the penis that let blood leak back out. But really this is just wild guessing. If its related to this though Viagra would have to help.

For the record though, even in my case I would be willing to entertain the thought that it might be psychological. dad2four’s post really illuminated this. I have no doubt that anxieties can have strong physical effects on our bodies, and I know what part of my body I feel most anxious about.

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I have never experience what you are going through, but it looks like you have some excellent feedback from knowledgeable Thunders members.

I truly hope things will get better.

Stay positive.

be back soon

My suggestion would be firstly dont work yourself up, your scaring yourself and making the pyscological side of getting an erection very difficlt for yourself. Its only causing you anxiaty, dont worry things will get better.Im no expert but im sure this isnt perminant, all parts or the body heal .Keep this in mind it will help.

First thing first , discontinue any PE exept for PC exercises and go and see a MD or even better a uroligest, most importantly you have to be honust with him and tell him about your PE and the type of force you were using.

I personaly use to have weak erections, i noticed i had to hold the blood in at base when masturbating to get an erection as if i was doing an exercise and im sure it was caused by PE.Since then i cut back on my workout and stuck to minimum jelqing and started doing PC exercises and it has helped a lot. Try this

40 warm up squeezes of 1.5 second holds, then
30 4 second squeezes, then
5 x 20 second squeezes
combine this with positive thinking that erections will get better and injury do recover (if it is a pysical thing, i think its part pysical part pychological and most likly the later )

Thankyou everyone, the advice and support I have recieved here has been overwelming.

Especially DLD, superstroker and dad2four for your optomism that I will recover and personal experience of a similar problem.

My plan; I have a prescription for peroxitine (an antidepressant), to help me through this tough patch and hopefully make my gf’s life a little easier! - I know it can have some impairment upon erectile function but feel the alleviation of my anxiety more than outweighs this. Also 4 viagra (50mg)- many of you say that they may be a cure in themselves… let’s hope.

I intend to stay positive, although I have read in the archives of people suffering long term ED as a result of PE it is clear to me now that this is not the norm and usualy when there is such a problem it sorts itself out fairly quickly.

Jelqking ‘all parts of the body heal. Keep this in mind it will help’ thanks, this is how I need to think of my dick- repairing what ever has gone wrong even as I sit here typing.

I think that skinydees theory for what has happened sounds right. Skinnydee- were your glans soft as well as your spongiosum?I was stretching real hard and upwards during the period that I first noticed my ED- is this similar to the horse stretch? When I come back I think I will leave stretches alone- they never did anything for me anyway.

I will keep you all updated with my recovery, and continue to read enviously of gains and new ideas relating to PE :)

keeep going!

a few words

Originally posted by dongers
Jelqking 'all parts of the body heal. Keep this in mind it will help' thanks, this is how I need to think of my dick- repairing what ever has gone wrong even as I sit here typing.

This is very true. I had a injury for over 6 weeks and after panicing and feeling shit scared for some time, it began to heal. Now its all back to normal, and Im finally getting good workouts.

I believe that thinking “oh my my dick is ruined” is probably the most common first reaction and almost never true. Many people have gone through that over here, including me and now you.

I can only advice you to wait, be patient. I know anxiety will get to you sometimes, probably by the lack of sex. This is when you have to remember all the good advice and support these guys just gave you.

And stop thinking about ending your relationship. This is in my opinion by far the biggest mistake you could make right now. It would only be becouse of a temporary problem, not for valid reasons. And I think if this girl is supporting you then have no doubt that she loves you, period.

Also, let us know what the doctor tells you and when things start to change. Take care.

Hi dongers!
Just give Viagra a try.
I had exactly the same syptoms, (soft glans and spongy lower chamber, also in the night). My Urologist told me that in most cases the problem is a psychological. Took one viagra and after i saw that my unit works with “support” my fear was gone and everything was fine again. Anyway the doctor will help you ED is nothing that couldn`t be fuixed

Head up Dude you´ll be fine again!

Hi Everyone

I am new here. Im 24. I have the same ED problem. I started few weeks ago and I was extremely happy with the result( rock hard erection). It hit me yesterday. My unit feels like rubber and not sensitive at all. I have to be honest that I did go overboard on jelqin…… I do believe it is partial psychological though. i am worry. I hope this is not permanent. please more input and help. some morale support,perhaps.


Read this thread again. All of this can apply to you too. Also, if you know you went overboard jelqing then you need some good days (maybe weeks) rest. I would guess that it would go away soon.

Remember to try not to panic. Just try to think something else and distract yourself from this problem. If you get too anxious do a kegels session. Hang in there, it will all look better in a few days.

This threat does make me feel better

If I take L arginine during this recovery periodm would it help???


I digged out many old postings regarding this issue, it seems many people have experienced the same thing

For all newbies, start slow and take your time. This is definitely not fun

be cool. Don’t put yourself under pressure. Its ALL in your head.

Just give it a rest, including masturbation, porn, sex for a bit. It’ll come back with a vengence.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

AJE and other new guys

Lay off the stretching, you guys have to realize you can’t do pe like dld, dld has been doing this stuff for a long time he sometimes use to stretch for 4 to 5 hours a day and he has said he had bouts with ED. My advice to newbies would be start out slow with jelqing at 70% erection only. Than after 4 to 5 months start with some full erect exercises and stretching. I have been at this stuff for a long time and I cant do DLD’s stretching without getting mild ed for a couple of hours afterward. You guys want to stretch safe get a bib hanger.



Hi everyone,

An update upon my ED- By the time I was due to see the specialist I was noticing some major improvements in the quality of my erections, they were still not A1 but on their way. I told him all about the exercises and he surprisingly told me that it was extremely unlikely I had damaged myself doing this stuff, I wonder if he is a PE’er… Any way things are continuing to improve, I am practically back to normal. The antidepressants (seroxat) have been a godsend. I am a happier more functional person all round. Have only had 2 orgasms in 3 weeks though :( one of the draw backs of antidepressants. I have now not done PE of any form for a little over a month and am itching to get started again. I am also scared, scared that I will end up overtraining once more. Anyone suggest a (very moderate) routine suitable for coming back from injury? Note though that I will not be doing any flacid stretching. Once again thanks to you all for your support, you rallied when I was at my lowest.


keeep going!


I’m glad that a specialist told you what I have assumed all along.

This stuff is not going to cause ED. It may cause a temporary tired dick and a weak erection but forearmed with that knowledge should innoculate you from overreacting. AVOID mixing PE days with ejaculation days. I don’t think all need to do this but psychologically for you it would be better. I would wait untill you feel you are 100% before trying a routine again and of course avoid overdoing. Good luck!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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