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I hate stretching!!!


I hate stretching!!!

Ive come to the conclusion that I really really hate stretching! Im sick of my hands aching, Im sick of getting involuntary boners that affect my stretches and I hate having to wait for my dick to go soft again only to get hard when i resume stretching. A ten minute stretching routine usually blows out to 20 mins because of the above problems! So as from now, inorder to make my pe sessions more enjoyable and more productive, its no more stretching! However, I was wondering if they’re any other exercises (apart from stretching, hanging and low erection jelqing) that could help me in length. I need to grow length and girth, I am also looking for insight from gainers who are anti-stretches like myself. I appreciate any input

Hehehe! I remember this. Just keep at it, you will get the hang of it after a couple of months. On the road there you will probably have some problems with slippage, sore skin and the urge to play with yourself after a good jelq-session. What ever you do, do not give up! If your mind is set, then maybe you should order the autoextender and wear it as much as you can? Good luck!

I have the exact same feeling about it. I think I’ll stick with stretching. I sometimes even stretch when my penis is semi erect because even after waiting ten minutes, I can’t get my penis to go soft! It just stays hard! I’m not sure if it’s going to damage my penis too much, because I don’t feel any pain when I stretch on a semi erect dick. It tends to get soft after a couple of semi erect stretches for the whole work out. I think I’ll keep on it.

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I hate PEing in general. None of the exercises are fun.

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What if you were to shoot some cock custard prior to your P.E? Or is this counter productive?

Originally Posted by babbis
Just keep at it, you will get the hang of it after a couple of months.

Problem is, its been more than a couple of months :(

Originally Posted by jordon
What if you were to shoot some cock custard prior to your P.E? Or is this counter productive?

Yeah on days I have blown my load, I usually do some stretching with no problems getting hard and so forth. Its just on the days I haven’t blown I seem to have a problem.

Don’t get into the habit of having to do something ie blow your load, or custard in your case, to do your PE. You should be able to get over the boner problems your having. On the lighter side of things, I know a few “larger” girls who would be frothing at the lips to swallow your desert laden man juice.

You should apply for a job at wendy’s if all else fails. Place yourself between the sugar and syrup dispensers.

Oh yeah and stretching does suck ass your not alone with these thoughts. I have changed my routine so that Fowfers- or a modified version of these are my main stretch. It’s the easiest stretch you can do. Good luck


Yeah, I don’t ejaculate, ever. I heard it stunts the growth by something like 60% (in speed of gains). It’s sort of an experiment I’ve been doing this year, I’ve lasted about 15 days so far, about 10 PE exercises. We’ll see if I gain faster.. So yeah, as you can imagine, it does create a great deal of problems when I’m stretching, because I tend to get really aroused looking at my dick, thinking about a bigger dick.. Oh well. I’ll get through it.


I don’t recommend ejaculating before a stretching exercise, it takes the excitement and energy out of it. Maybe it’s a psychological stunting of the success?

I actually like the thought of ejaculating before stretching. My dick is nice and relaxed and loose, and I know I am not going to crack an involuntary semi, its the only time I actually enjoy stretching. By the way I cant see how ejaculating before stretching is bad, but anyway the jury is out on that issue.

It’s interesting how many people say they get erections from stretching, whereas I don’t.

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Another thing you could try is to jelq before you stretch. It is semi only the first minute or so, then it goes flaccid and you will have no problems. Try not thinking about what it is you are stretching, just feel where it stretches and if it feels like it is a good stretch. It is in the head you know.

Originally Posted by WetMayo
It’s interesting how many people say they get erections from stretching, whereas I don’t.

I get semi’s

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When I can’t get it to a nice jelqing %, I decide to stretch. So I start stretching and the damn thing decides to swell up. =/

Got to admit that I should be less inclined to P.E once I’d poured out a hand shandy

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