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I HATE kegels, please help.


Just do like 100 of them really fast while your looking around here or something.

That’s right. Just do 50 for the sake of it. I don’t think you need to do more than that..

It’s enough to get by.

If you put in the time you will be justly rewarded! After starting kegel routine for the first time when I was 34, I started having VERY strong orgasms. They were much more closely related to a full body type of an orgasm than what I had before, which I think is probably the nice normal intense pubic area orgasm we associate with.

They are boring but well worth it. I should also mention that I reaped the biggest benefits and gains when I combined doing the kegels while hanging OTS (over the shoulder). This added a resistance component to the routine. This when I noticed that the PC muscle was really getting worked hard and getting very strong.

Even if you don’t want to hang, you might want to try this just for the benefit of strengthening the PC muscle. You could even try it while doing manual pulls from an upward angle, might be as good at least at the beginning.

- Poke

As a quick follow up, the PC muscle is a true muscle and will get stronger when called upon to adapt to a resistence stimulus, just like working out with weights (which is what I was effectively doing when doing kegels while hanging OTS).


Try doing them while you drive.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Put on music and do them to the beat. You’ll have done at least hundred by time song over.

“I don’t drive”

Good for you. We should all drive less. Besides, you’d think that doing kegels while driving would be a distraction. I’m sure many a car accident has been caused by people doing kegels and not focussing on the traffic. I walk or bike to work, so kegelling on my commute is impossible. But if you take the bus or the underground or something… The only problem would be if it were standing-room only. Then, the people who are seated, and short people, might be the ones getting distracted by the suspicious movements inside your trousers.

The only kegeling I do is while jelqing. I do a kegel before (almost) every jelq stroke, to pump more blood into the CS and glans. I’ve done it for so long now that I don’t even think about it while I do it anymore, it goes automatically.

This seems to be enough for me, because my bc muscle is pretty strong, I think (but I don’t have anyone else to compare with, of course). At least it’s stronger than pre PE.

I think kegeling is easier while erect or semi erect, when there’s some blood to work with down there.

If I had problems like this I would be in great shape, only kegel while jelqing as mentioned above. Case closed.

In my opinion kegeling is the most important and most basic exercise for good penile health there is. While stretching and jelqs have helped me regain my length I had when I was a young man. When I was 21 I was a strong 7” measured on the top with light bone pressure and at 54 I was a tad less than 6.5” pushing as hard as I could. Now at 56 I measure just over 7” with light bone press (much to my relief) , so my goals have been met and any other length I gain will just be a bonus and for fun. I feel that kegels have done more for me than anything else and the importance of them can never be under stated.

When I first started kegling two years ago I was very weak and had a hard time with them but over time I have got to where they are second nature to me. I run heavy equipment and have developed a rhythm while working that has become second nature. I never just do a bunch real fast to get them over. I vary my pressure and length of holding them. I will start with a light squeeze and gradually bring up my level to as hard as I can and then relax slowly and then without letting up all the way bring it back up to as hard as I can. I also will find myself kegeling while I walk, and driving down the road I can hold real tight for just over a mile or if I do a light squeeze I can go for two miles (actually I could go longer but that is enough) While I have started and stopped doing my other exercises I have not quite the kegels and plan to never stop.

For young guys with better muscle tone it probably is not as important but as you age both your muscle mass and tone change. Believe me it is much easier to work to keep a good muscle tone from the time you are young then to try to get it back when you are older and trust me, we will all get older. So for my opinion, make sure it is in your exercise program and never stop. For there is much more to having a good penis than length.

Also I have read that it is very good for the prostate.


How am I supposed to stretch the PC muscle..

All I do is clamp down on it w/ my finger and release..

Is that how I am supposed to do it?

Start: Dec 2004- 5.8in

Current- 6.1 in

They aren’t my favourite PE exercise but they do work to improve my stamina and a couple of occasions after peing the muscle hurt like hell I had to stop for like a week

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