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I has been 7 days since I started PEing, no gains yet, wtf ?

I has been 7 days since I started PEing, no gains yet, wtf ?


Noticed that while erect, my penis gets considerable harder than in the past. Is it how it all get startet ? Am I doing all right ? When am I going to see the lenght gains ? Want to pack in 3 inches asap ! :D

Btw, my daily PEing routine consists in 15min-pumping/15min-jelqing/15min-pumping/15min-jelqing

Ok I know Im a bit too much anxious (and excited as well)hehe

You want 3 inches in a week????

You can expect to see gains of about 1/4 of an inch a month if you are a really fast gainer. Most people are not.

Some people gain practically nothing for the first couple of months. You have to give yourself time to get into your routine and see what works for you.

Give it time - it will come.

nb - if you really are looking to gain three inches you better be looking at years for your gains. Not weeks.

See Ya,


Don't give up.

The best thing you can do to propel yourself along is read this board thru and thru. There is a tremendous amount of information here; the more you read and understand the quicker you will move along.

hi chakaconcarne nice to meet you,

Is your nick based on the ex rufus lead singer?

hope you will share more of your thoughts.

Have to agree about reading the old posts, there are some gems of information here.


no stretching? no warm up? wtf :)

Whats your current routine in full.

yea Im doing some streching and warming up but its not routine like the rest, I know I have to improve this point. Still wating for the right timming in order to steal some rice at the kitchen eheh

here’s a warmup method I tried recently, when I had no access to running hot water. Worked quite well, the standard cup of water one didn’t really work for me.

Are you kegeling?

Yeah formalise a routine :) Good idea, Don’t think pump/jelq/pump/jelq counts ;)

thanks for the link memento, I found that method very intesting, Im gonna try it soon :D , and btw of course I do some kegels every now and then

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