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I Got a Problem


Even though the OP already probably met his fate ;) :
Don’t sweat it. Your dick will work just fine, if you let it.
If in doubt leave your head and let your dick do the thinking ;)


Originally Posted by BigDog433
I’m supposed to be taking my girlfriend to the movies tonight(we haven’t been going out to long and she has never seen or felt my dick yet ) and I was ballooning earlier today and accidentally blew my load and with my last girlfriend I did that and I couldn’t get an erection when it was needed. Does anybody have anything that might help me in this time of need because I want to impress her with my fully erect 7” in but I might not be able to get an erection. So does anyone have any suggestions

Go to GNC and buy some pills called ‘Maca Man’. Trust me.

Fuck the pills it is all in your dome piece!


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