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I give up! Who wants my penimaster?


Hey, I’ve been peing for over a year and I haven’t gained anything yet. Maybe your penismaster will help :P how much you want for it?

The reaper cannot claim you if the reaper cannot catch you.

I’m not on a bashing spree here but I think this is the typical case of one who needs more structure and discipline. I may be wrong but what happens to alot of people is they fail to be able to stick to a schedule that disallows healing between sessions. Lets face it if you make one mistake like not doing your PE for a 3 or 4 day period for whatever the reason you will plateau. The only thing that prevents toughening and plateau’ng is an ADS that keeps the ligs stretched. Now I understand the Wanna7.5 is selling his and that would indicate that he used it but if it wasn’t used consistently and the results he got were less then encouraging then obviously something needs to be changed. The old addendum about if you keep acting and behaving the same way you will end up with the same results seems to apply.

I don’t know his routine or his self discipline but one thing is for sure and that is what he was doing was not working. Something needs to change. The routine, The frequency, The consistency, Whatever. point is that if you not getting anywhere it is a good idea to step back and re-evaluate.

One of the BIG problems with PE is the slow results we get. I only record my measurements once a month but you better believe that if 2 to 3 months went by without any appreciable gains I’m going to change something. Weight, time, diet, apparatus, decon. After all we’re not here to waste our time. We want results and when we don’t get them do something.

I’m sure Wanna7.5 doesn’t want to hash out his past years of effort for public criticism and we would all be Monday morning quarterbacking but we should understand that not only are we all different but that difference needs to get deserved attention when nothing is working.

There’s a lot of vets here with good perspectives that are willing to help. And when you ask a question your probably mirroring someone else’s thoughts so ask away and let’s get some results.

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