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I gained a 1/4" BPEL and 1/8" NBP

I gained a 1/4" BPEL and 1/8" NBP

I finally saw some gains!! Granted they’re not that much and I have to measure to see it but it’s only been 2 months. The 1st month I was just jelqing ans saw nothing and then did a lot of reading and found it doesnt do much for length and I’m not too concerned about girth right now.I’m 5” before PE. My nbpel was 6” and bp was 7” I have being doing stretching, hanging and clamping only. I’m not clamping for huge amounts of time just about 5 mins between each hang or stretch session to keep the blood in, anyways while I was clamping it looked bigger than it ever has so I decided to pull out the ruler. I measured with the clamp on and bp from the side and I was 7 3/4” but I know that doesnt count so I took off the clamp and measured from up top, I was probably only at 85-90% erect so I might have gained a little bit more but I’m soo stressed I can’t get rock hard right now, anyways I’m now 6 1/8 nbp and 7 1/4 bp! I’m hoping it’s a little more if I’m rock hard but we shall see.

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Wow I don’t know why my titles always get messed up but read the thread and youll get it

Good for you. Congrats! (your title made sense to me…maybe we’re BOTH messed up!?!)

:_pump: :donatecar

Congrats on your gains :)

Is it wierd that my bp gained more than my nbp of is that how nbp gains start?

Maybe your fat pad grew ? XD

Well could it be from hanging because I didnt get fatter?

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