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I finally got a comment...

I finally got a comment...

From all of these exercises we do my prick has adopted a slightly darker appearance… While I have not yet gained a full inch in length and little for permanant girth, I thought I would give the “Vita-K” thing a go in hopes of getting some gains in returning my dick to more of it’s natural color… So, my wife is in the bathroom when I’m putting this stuff on my limp trout and she says it;

“You have a fat dick”

Thinking quickly I asked her if that is a good thing… She said “girls like a fat dick, it gives more pleasure for the woman”.

Now, my wife knows I spend at least an hour and a half in the bathroom every week night doing “exercises” to keep the premature ejaculation monster at bay and when I told her that I could do some other exercises to see if I could make it fatter she quickly said;


I said you wouldn’t want it fatter and she then said it was too fat as is! I think she wouldn’t mind a little more for length but evidently my girth is a little overkill the way it is now… I made a joke about putting my dick on the Atkin’s diet and she said she didn’t think that would work lol… Anyway, this is really the 1st out of the blue comment my wife has ever made about me like that… I can’t say PE has added much size but knowing that I can out last my wife sexually and knowing that PE has empowered me to do that I’m VERY cool with everything.. WOW I feel good right now…

I also see that we have some new monsters to the board..


Nice one RWG. I’ve got a ong way to go before my girth’s gonna get a comment like that, but that’s why I’m here. lol.

How have you overcome the premature ehaculation problem? just from kegels?


Nothing like a “you have a fat dick” comment from the wife to make your day. Makes all of this PE work even more worthwhile.


Great story RWG,
Those unsolicited comments from the wife can certainly make you feel great OR leave you wondering WTF?

By your comments I take it that your doing “stealth PE”? I am also and I love the comments from the wife about my changed dick. She hasnt a clue about PE so I know she isnt just stroking me.

Ride that high for all its worth, I know I would.

Good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

That’s cool RWG, it’s about time she noticed! :D

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Awesome! What’s your girth now anyways?

Originally posted by SlamInTheLamb
Nice one RWG. I've got a ong way to go before my girth's gonna get a comment like that, but that's why I'm here. lol.

How have you overcome the premature ehaculation problem? just from kegels?

I believe if you search for “acupuncture” you’ll find his story. Here’s the link to RWG’s story about overcoming Premature Ejaculation.

PE "Premature Ejaculation"…


That is about the strongest verbal compliment one can expect.

I have seen your pictures and your girth is likely testing the borderline of pain and pleasure (exactly where you want to be). Getting more girth may actually cause pain and freeze you out of the anal action that you seem to prize so much.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Great post, RWG. Hearing something like that is always a boost for someone’s confidence and it makes all the work worthwhile. Keep it up, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


My road to a cure for premature ejaculation came through discussion, trial and error via and Thunder’s place with the gravy of acupunture on top… Being that MDC was kind enough to post a link to my story I won’t belabor it again. Thanks MDC… It’s really an honor when people read what you said and remember where you said it.. I had forgotten that post lol…

peforreal, uncut4big,

Your sure right there… It’s odd at what an impact ‘another’ persons comment has on your ‘self-view’… Mind blowing indeed…


Not really stealth.. The wife knows I’m working on my prick but to keep my premature ejaculation problem at bay… The only real size I think I’ve gained so far as been from a vastly improved erection.. She has stated she thought it was getting bigger but I would say it is mainly from better quality hard-on’s… I’ve been lazy with using the bib hanger and am going to get back into that and do something about my lack of gains…


My girth is about the same… True I get a massive temp gain from a girth workout but after a few rest days it is not much past where I started from… At the rate of gains you are getting I have little doubt that you will blow past me like I was going the other direction… Your work ethic as far as PE goes would make a colony of Ants jealous!! If someone wanted to do a documentary on if this shit really works they would be well served to use you as an example!


Jeeze, where do I start! As far as the mental healing I’ve gone through I would say I have poured over your comments more then anything… You have ended up being right in more things then you know… I hope you never leave this place… I guess I would like to gain that 3/4 of NBPL and I really do not need any more girth… The ass deal is just my luck of the draw but if my wife lives up to our little agreement then I will accept things and keep rooting for all of the other guys who can do it more often then me…

Thanks again for everyone keeping my head going in the right direction…


Congratulations RWG. What a fine thing to get a complement like that out of the blue. And don’t worry about the ass, it will stretch as long as you keep pounding it…

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I’m sure she noticed before, but this time she spoke her mind.

The comments are always good to hear.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

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