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I finally did it

I finally did it

After 15 months of pe, I finally hung today. I had purchased a bib starter a while back, thinking it would possibly allow me a stronger grip while manual stretching, as being a stealth office jelqer with little privacy time at home, I was sure full blown hanging wouldn’t be in my future.

You can get a good grip with the bib for manual stretching, but I found not so much more that it warranted the extra risk of taking it to the bathroom with me 7 times a day at work I wanted to see what hanging was like, and today I finally got my chance, the wife was out of town with her sister. I had 20-30 minutes here and there, and was always freaked out trying to hurry that I screwed the wrap up or had the settings wrong, but I knew I wanted to give this approach a fair test.

I took an extended lunch, and had 1.5 hours by myself. I skipped the wrap, adjusted the hanger, and slapped 5# on it. I decided to hang straight out, as this is an angle that is hard to really work manually for me without drifting to the left or right, so I hung the weight over a chair back, kicked back and watched tv. I did 3 20 minute sets, monitoring my dick head for temp and feeling. It got coolish, but never cold, and always maintained sensitivity. I really think I had the thing on right, and it was pretty comfortable

1st 20 minute set, I could feel my tunica releasing, and realised the potential of hanging. The second set was even a little better, but no where near really stressing my tunica. Towards the end of this set, I pulled slightly on the hanger, to get more stretch, and immediately felt the pleasant prolonged stretching sensation.
On the 3rd set, I did 5# for 15 minutes, then upped it to 10#s. Wow…

All in all, it’s a shame I don’t have more alone time, as I can really see that hanging has great potential, especially when coupled with bib’s LOT theory approach of attack. The time passed by suprisingly fast. While I am slightly bummed it didn’t provide me that much more of a stronger grip over just my hands for manual stretching (since buying it I have really been concentrating on manual stretching, and my grip has gotten much stronger), you can be sure that I will be hanging out whenever possible.

If you have the time and privacy, you owe it to yourself to give hanging a shot. And when you do, the bib is the way to go.

Re: I finally did it

Originally posted by RB
If you have the time and privacy, you owe it to yourself to give hanging a shot. And when you do, the bib is the way to go.

I’m hoping to try some in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for your personal experience.

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Doesn’t the wife know about PE yet? I could have swore you were one of the ones that let the wife in on the secret.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yes, she knows I’m doing something, and that’s all she wants to know. She doesn’t want to particpate or view it in any way, shape or form. Too many inhibitions pounded in to her during her catholic upbringing. Kind of a don’t ask, don’t tell situation. She isn’t very comfortable discussing sexual matters, so pe isn’t discussed.

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Good job on buying a Bib, RB——I’m fence sitting on that idea myself right now. I don’t think there’s a guy out there that hasn’t gained from hanging, and length is what I’m chasing.

I’m with you on the catholic-wife-holy-don’t-talk-about-sex deal. I’m not quite sure how she’d handle the idea of this site and me hanging some plates off the ‘ol pipe. Guess we’ll see :D

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