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I feel like such a failure.


I got it. I purchased “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”, took me a min to find it, it was the only one there. I also purchased “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex” and “The Lowdown on Going Down”, yeah I know i went a little crazy but hey I barley read and Sex is definitely something to keep me interested enough to continue reading and actually finishing a book. I started with “The Lowdown on Going Down” and banged out like 35pgs, I like this book its funny and very interesting and I have a new found knowledge on proper placement of my tongue, so if any of you guys want to up your Fellatio game I would defefinitely advise you pick this book up.

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I don’t think it is the idea that we need the hormones, I just think the more we stay engorged and or erect, the more the CC expands and grows laterally. Plus I love the cum shots after 72 hour clamp/edge/fuck fest.

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Originally Posted by MRC11114
so if any of you guys want to up your Fellatio game I would defefinitely advise you pick this book up.

No thanks!

As far as edging, I think the only reason to not ejaculate is to train yourself to be stimulated without feeling the need to ejaculate. Theoretically it could help with stamina, but I don’t think it has anything to do with PE gains.
I don’t think I have gone more than one day in a row without ejaculating, in the last 15 years.

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Originally Posted by mravg

I don’t think I have gone more than one day in a row without ejaculating, in the last 15 years.

That was me for the last 8 years. You should try it man, you get to get yourself off like 3,4/ however many times you like. Plus when you blow it is All-powerful!


Hey DvS, why did you change your name?

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When I was a member of the pro solution web site, some Senior members told me that blowing your load after a work out lowers testosterone levels and will make you recover slower. Anybody hear anything like this?

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Originally Posted by hardgainer12
When I was a member of the pro solution web site, some Senior members told me that blowing your load after a work out lowers testosterone levels and will make you recover slower. Anybody hear anything like this?

Yes and you’ll likely hear that here as well. I don’t think testosterone levels have much to do with PE gains, though. We’re stretcing tissue and ligaments, not building muscle. “Recovery” for PE vs. weight training is entirely different. My advice is putt in full intensity with your PE routine. Follow your schedule and never miss days. Don’t get caught up in dubious theories.

Originally Posted by dangleman
I can’t think of any good science that would support the notion that blowing a load after a good PE session would hurt the gains. We’re either increasing the blood-bearing capacity of the cells in the corpus cavernosa, or actually increasing the tissue - but neither would be at all affected by ejaculation. The idea of needing the “hormones” or whatever in the sperm to grow, and their being somehow expelled through ejaculation, is utter nonsense.

I must agree with this. What does ejaculation and jerking on your meat have negatively to do with expanding tissue and blood capacity? I believe that jerking/ejaculating has neither positive nor negative effects on gains.

I’ll chime in on the side that says that limiting one’s solitary ejaculations (not orgasms BG-lol) helps with overall potency/erection frequency/and quality of erection. The less you come, the more raging your hardons are. The more raging your hardons/excitations are, the more your dick will swell. The more your dick swells to it’s absolute maximum, the more it grows during PE.

That said, I feel that giving up the juice is healthy as well and if you’re not doing it at all then you need to let her rip at least once a week to keep that part of the pipes well lubed and used too.

And in a similar vein, it’s reputed that if orgasming without ejaculation (seminal retention) is practiced without proper digestion of the tremendous amount of “chi energy” which this (reputedly) creates, then this method can (allegedly) lead to a sort of manic increase of the sexual desires which is said to likely cause an eclipse of some of the more subtle energies which can also be exchanged during lovemaking- i.e. intimacy, trust, psychic bonding, emotional bonding, and a mutual uptake of the “more refined” essences which the man and the woman (purportedly) bring to the table. By creating large reservoirs of purely sexual “ching chi” within the body which then go “undigested” the aspirant invites an ever increasing cascade of sexual desires upon himself which can eventually wreck health rather than create it. This “proper digestion” of aroused “ching chi” (kundalini/pure sexual essence) occurs through meditative exchange of the breath and the passing of the “yin” and the “yang” essences of the male and the female during lovemaking. Basically what this says is that if you hold the seed you get your sex energy quotient up to a very high level and if you don’t “digest” some of this energy back into your nervous system that this practice can eventually burn you out and leave you dissatisfied with even the most extreme varieties of sexualized experience.

I’ve played around with a lot of the so-called yogic and tantric sex practices and have found from first hand experience that NOTHING we are doing here is NEW….nothing.

In fact, In my opinion, most of what we do here is a sort of shallow facsimile of what is truly possible in the realm of dick health/sexual Knowledge.

Ancient Chi-Gong masters swung iron and lead off of their dicks, Taoist masters cultivated their sexual energies to very refined levels through seminal retention and active sexual meditation, and Yogic adepts of the various Tantric schools got their “swords” as “sharp” as they possibly could because they believed that the act of sexuality was both a dance of war and a dance of love and that it was therefore a high-wire act over a pit of danger and reward. These masters developed techniques whereby they “inhaled” various healing (and sometimes caustic) substances up into their prostates via their peckers…they took concubines for the sole purpose of “sparring” with them sexually….they developed the capacity to shoot their loads tremendous distances…and they all used herbal medicines to “refine” their seed through techniques which they developed into various schools of sexual alchemy. These practices were then held in trust and passed on very carefully to regents, kings, and noblemen for the purposes of increasing virility and spawning auspicious progeny.

And the one thing all of these ancient sexo-yogic schools had in common? They all did PE. Within all of them there is a tradition/practices for growing more whang. These guys knew their shit.

When we debate the value of saw palmetto or damiana or horny goat weed or etc.etc.etc. I can practically hear the ancients from just beyond our place in the fabric of time saying, “well, DUHHH!!!!

I then imagine that they think to themselves, “and now if you only knew how to gather it yourself and prepare and use it PROPERLY!!!!

But since we really don't and even for those of us that do, rarely allocate the time to do shit properly, I believe that MODERATION and the middle way are basically the soundest course: hold your shit most of the time. Jerk off and workout with an eye towards preserving endurance and your ejaculate, but when the need really seems to be building up- LET HER RIP…..

And shit, I guess with all of this yoga talk I guess I’ve totally blown my cover…..

Thunder, just change my screen name to “newageguy” and get it over with…..

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