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I Don't Want to Stop


Stop when your gains do.

Originally Posted by djufo
what is your routine for length?

I hang low a low weight straight down for a minimum of twelve sets a day a minimum of five to six days a week. I hang 3kg (6.6lbs) which is about as much as I’m physically able to hang. If you click the link in my sig you’ll find more details of my approach to hanging.

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
Stop when your gains do.

With deconditioning breaks I’m not sure there’s a limit.

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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

I hear ya. I wish I could do PE till I hit 10”, but it just seems kind of unrealistic right now. I want to hit a goal of 9 and then keep doing PE to where I can maintain that length.

BPEl: 8.25" Gl: 5.2" Goal: El: 9" Gl: 7 Some New pics/Starter Clamping Pics

Originally Posted by Mr. F
it’s not like anybody but me is going to be enjoying this thing[/i]”.

I wished I love myself as much as you do.

Well, maybe once I reach the 8 x 6 mark it’ll be a different story….

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