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I don't even want to date...yet


I don't even want to date...yet

I’ve been PEing for 3 months, my current size is 7.25 x 5 nbp.

But my ex girlfriend did such a job convincing me that I’am small compared to other guys that I don’t even want to date entil I get a lot larger, kinda like 8 x 5.5 npb.

Has anyone else experienced this? Not dating entil they get larger. She did a emotional thing with my head (she was a (edited) real jerk, that’s why we broke up) but I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.
Just wondering if I’am the only guy who has experienced this?

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Dude - 7.25 x 5 nbp is quality stats, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of !!
Your stats now are goal stats (and way above average) for some guys here, go forth and be proud.

fyi: I changed a word in your post out of respect for our female members.


Your current size is excellent. Don’t let your ex-girlfriend stay in control of your life by allowing her mind games to continue to affect you after the fact. That’s what she wants. Take control of your own life, get out and date and allow yourself the opportunities to find someone new and better.


B*tch talk

What your ex said is just ridiculous, forget about it. My starting stats where 7.25 x 5.25 and all girls I’ve been with didn’t complain at all. One had already been given birth to a child and was kind of big, but she was telling me I’d be of ideal size - while sex, not because of any insecure questions from my side.

First of all, there is no reason not to date girls for the time being. There will be no other way to gain confidence but positive experiences with women. No ruler will be able to get you to the high you’ll have when stepping out on the street after a ‘successful’ one-night-stand. This makes you grow !!!

One thing regarding your PE: From my experience, I think having these stats, it would be most beneficial to focus on girth. 7.25 in length is great to use, but even some little gains in girth will add sensation in the woman of choice! - slow hard jelqing will easily get you going, especially having an semi erect of almost 7 inches to jelq along. BTW, I advocate dry-jelqing !

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

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If you don’t get out there again you give that fucking slut the satisfaction of continuing to ruin your life without any effort on her part. Listen You are fucking huge, don’t let any one tell you otherwise. At 7.25 nbp you are probably at least 7.75-8.0 bone pressed. You are bigger than 90+% of men. If you must zero in on short petit chicks that never had children. But get out there and give some women the benefit of all your hard work.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yep, I’ve even turned down dating opportunities if I liked the girl because hey, first impressions are important. I look back on all the sexual partners I have had and how I used my tiny dick to service them without even flinching or a hint of shame. Now, I’m a bit bigger but more self-conscious than ever. PE can definitely screw with your head and perception - makes you feel like a big dick is the most important quality a man can have (which isnt true at all, but I can’t help it anymore).

I hope I will go back to pursuing the ladies once I am at a LARGE size; I want to know with confidence that I will be the largest one she has ever experienced, whether she likes em big or not.

I really hope I don’t damage my pscyhe so much that I’m nervous about dick size even if I hang down to my knees.

Montana, if you don’t want to date don’t. but do it for your own reason’s not because she told you you had a small dick. She only told you this to fuck with your mind, cause in reality you’re probably the biggest she has ever had and probably gonna have. So get your head back in the game and PE for you and not anyone else.

Don't let that woman mess with your head

Don’t let that woman mess with your head!

Dude, if I had your dick size, I’d be banging every chick I met. Right now, I am 5.4 inches BP and 4.75 NBP. I definitely know how you feel though. No girl has ever told me I’m small, but I obviously know it. I am always afraid that I can’t even compete with the other guys she has slept with.
You gotta keep your head up and don’t let her mess w/ you. Maybe you should tell her she has a stinky pussy and then she will be all paranoid! Good luck, bro!


If you think about that shit your going end up with a case of ED.
You have a big dick, bigger than 80% of the guys out there so go out and enjoy it.



I had an ex call me pencil dick during an arguement once. I was around 22 at the time and developed a minor complex about it. I was 7.25x5.5 nbp.

She said it to hurt me as yours probably did you, doesn’t make it true. I think Peforeal is 100% on the money.

My natural stats were 5.25 x 4.75 BP! I’d never had a problem while having sex. I’d never had sex with a woman who didn’t want to have sex again (mutliple times.) And when I was younger and less mature, I even broke a beautifully sexy young ladies’ heart simply because I was a jerk. PE is here for us and that is awesome, but don’t think penis size is the end all be all. Insecurity is a bigger turnoff to women than in what is your case an above average penis. I have found no matter what size my penis, if I’m confident in using it, and playful with it with her, she ends up having a great time, and will want to have a great time again.


I’ve knocked back women that I could have shagged because I’m insecure about my size. The women I’ve knocked back have always been either friends or girls that would go around saying to my friends that I’m not very big. I guess it’s an ego thing. But if it’s a woman that I know wont talk well, that’s a different story ;-)

The moral of the story for you is that you are big and should be using it.

Thanks Guy's!!!

I guess we all have our own reason’s on what made us discover PE and why we do it. You now know my reason.

Were all motivated by something (kinda like Rocky in his movies) and it’s stuck in our minds and we can’t get it out of there.

So…I guess I’am not going to quit PEing anytime soon. She is the last female who is going to tell me I’am small. So I guess we keep on trucking into PE all for our own reasons.

I keep telling myself that I need a 8 incher, no a 9 incher, no a ten incher. I’am off the deep end allready. No other females are going to tell me I’am small and mess with my mind again. Thanks guy’s…montana


I think you’re missing the point.

Fact: You’re not small. You’re not even average. You’re large. Look up the statistics on the net if you don’t believe me.

So given the fact that you’re large, and that she called you small, she lied.

So even if you grow your dick to 10 inches, what happens if another girl lies to you and says you’re small.

Are you then going to say to yourself ‘That’s it, I’m going to grow a 12 inch or 13 inch dick!’?

Of course not, that’s ridiculous. You have to shrug it off. She just wanted to hurt you. The fact that she had to lie to you to make you feel bad tells me that you must be a very decent human being. So go forth and enlarge your penis like the rest of us, but do it believing that you are already large no matter what this lieing woman says.


Just remember you got a nice sized unit, and having a big one doesn’t make you happy, only in a small part of your life. If the rest of your life sucks it don’t matter if your 10 inches. So try to get some balance in your life between work, family, friends, girlfriends, wifes, and things like pe. If you do one thing to much the rest will suffer and in turn you will not be happy. So get the balance right. It’s a struggle believe me.



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