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I don't even want to date...yet




Go get yourself some Bob Marley and dance dude! Lifes to short to worry about shit like that.


Yup agreed get some Marley! Better yet find a chick that digs Marley as well. Girl like that won’t be making demeaning comments about your dick size. Always remember some people like to manipulate or say things to make them feel good. You got a 7 inch tool so first of all she’s probably just got a loose pussy. That point aside I’m sure she was just talking shit to spite you, she wanted you to feel small inside just like her. Don’t let that shit bring you down and don’t forsake any dates if you have em lined up. That’s just ridiculous, who knows what you might be missing out on if you do. You’re good bro NOTHING to worry about in the penis department. Take Dinos advice on balance… I’m learning that the hard way as well.


Compared to you I’m still “small” but would never give up shagging a beautiful woman. I’m telling you and listen please. Your lack of self-confidence is so much worse than how big or not big you are in the pants.

It is obvious to me that this girl said this to you because she knew it would scar you. Heal up man. Enjoy life. If you will take the time to know a woman, truely enjoy her, and pleasure her because you want her to expience pleasure. She will simply think it is an added bonus that you are larger equiped downstairs than most.


Screw what she thinks. Don’t let some chick dictate how you feel about yourself.

I can relate to how you feel though. Before I started PE, I would push girls away before I got too close to them, because I was insecure about my size. Til this day, I’m not sure if I regret it or not. I missed some good opportunities, but did I save myself some ridicule? Who knows.

At your current size, you have nothing to worry about. 7.25 x 5 nbp, is no where near small.

My ex gf, who knows about PE and has seen my before and a little under my current size, asked what size I was up to now. I said 8”. She then said “Oh, so you’ve gained 5 inches?” LOL. I got a good laugh out of that, and thought nothing more of it. She was just kidding.

Never let someone else bring you down. Just turn that negative into a positive, and use it for motivation for what YOU want.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Originally posted by YGuy
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Never let someone else bring you down. Just turn that negative into a positive, and use it for motivation for what YOU want.
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speak the truth and shame the devil…

You’ve got to keep shopping and enjoy the ride. We all fear being with a woman who makes us feel inadequate. It takes a pretty rude woman to use this against you, but they do exist.

So, fuck ‘em, then move on. They are the problem because they have acquired a taste for something’s that hard to find. If you decide that you are hung just fine, and search for a woman that fits you well, you will be happier.

It’s all an adventure. We’ve all had sex to die for, but we’ve all had sex that wasn’t that great. You can’t tell much by looking at the outside, what a woman will be like sexually. Just think of it like shopping for a car. You will be trying out some that you wouldn’t have. Then there will be some sweet rides that you will want to take home.


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