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I don`t need girth, I need length.



Sorry, I was the one who got it wrong, I didn’t look properly. I thought you made a mistake with your sig (I was kidding about you loss), but I read it wrong.



I would ease off on the girth exercises for a while (like the Horses) if you’re mainly looking for length - as I am, too.

I suspect it may be tougher to stretch a really thick cock than a thinner one. I would emphasize stretches if I were you, the angles would depend on your LOT. But pull hard & pull often.

Try DLD Blasters, A-Stretches, & some bundled stretches.


Thanks for the advice, last night after being away for the weekend, I returned home all fresh and enthusiastic, wanting to give DLD Blasters a go for the first time.
Mate, (thats what we say down here, its an exspression refering to, that everyone is your mate) , anyway, I did 6 sets, hard, and to my amazement, I was longer than ever. To my surprise, I was 7.75-8.0 erect.
Also my dick was, it seemed a bit thicker. I didn`t measure the girth, although I was finding it hard to grip, my thumb and forefinger wasn`t touching, which is a first.
Even today, my dick hung longer and, thick!

Hope these are signs of things to come….

Gettin Bigger


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