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I dislike wearing sweats or shorts

I dislike wearing sweats or shorts

How many other guys have felt this way? I did cause of my less than adequete flaccid size. Being tall everyone always wonders….how big is his. So, I giess I have to keep them guessing! You guys agree with me on this? TT

How tall


I think i know what you mean.I am 6’2” and I was only 51/2 with a skinny flaccid dick.I f you are tall it is expected that everything is in proportion .Doesnt work for the dick tho.I remember a short friend of mine once saying:

Big man big cock .Small man all cock.

Ithink that sums it up.I am trying more than anything to make my dick come up to my size then Iwill feel everything looks right.The by product is I can then give my wife wife the seeing to she deserves.Read what you like into that!


TT…. I was going to post something very simmilar to your post before I read this one!!

The bigger you are physically, the more is expected of you, for sure. You are expected to be stronger, tougher, etc… and some people even rely on you as their secret weapon or to fight their battles for them. :(

You are also expected to be huge in the shorts as well.
Although this is almost totally unfounded. I read a survey which found that the average length of penis increases only about less than an inch for every foot taller you are above average height.
So even if you are 7’ tall the chances of you having more than about 8” are about the same as someone 5’ tall.
So basically penis size is almost totally unrelated to height. Just look at John Holmes. He was supposedly the “little guy with a big wang” (although if he’s as short as they say, then that dick is nowhere near 12” as they claim)

I was lucky in this category. Even though I am quite tall, I (supposedly) have more than proportional size.
I think when a chick pulls down a big guy’s pants she would expect something matching, and I don’t want to dissapoint! ;)

If I were 5’4 1/2” instead of 6’4 1/2” I would probably be more than satisfied with my dick as is and wouldn’t have bothered finding this PE stuff. In fact I would probably think it was too big…

LOL go figure :)

well, it seems we must all think the same way. Is this a good thing?!? Just kidding! I appreciate the feedback Marksman and SecJay. I am glad some people other than myself preoccupy some time this way. I am now very interested in making flaccid gains too.

Apparently the less you have the better the gains. Or so I believe I read somewhere here. Do you guys feel that it is true? TT

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