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I can't do Horse440's properly

I can't do Horse440's properly

ok, I’ve read how to do horse440’s but it doesn’t seem to work when I try. Here is the problem: I get a full erection and kegel and use the turniquet (spelling?) grip just fine. However, when I try and squeeze the blood from the head into the shaft as described by doing a sort of “reverse jelq” starting at the head, it just doesn’t work. I can’t get my “ok” grip to move over the head even as I make the ok grip bigger. Then only way I could see this working would to be an INSANE amout of force that would probably injure me. So I do a little bit of a variation, I just grab the head and squeeze it. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to do it properly or if anyone else has this issue or variations.

P.S. How many of you think warming down is important?

horse squeeze

Ithought the way you are describing it is the way you are supposed to do it


hey dong,

i had the same problems… but i solved them…
first you must be well lubricated (also the second, third, … time).
then you don´t beginn at the very beginning of your penis head. i grip my head a little more in the middle because then i have a better grip and the head wouldn´t move itself so much. the next thing is, that i leave the grip hand at the head a few seconds, just to check out the intensity and how the head is reacting. i think up to this point everyone is doing the same.
but then i realized that i have to focus on the upper side of the head and so i have to put more pressure on the part of the hand which is there. i use the overhand grip so i put more pressure to the “palm”. i don´t “rush” over the head, i try to feel how the blood moves and then i decide how fast i can go.
i think your problems are the lubrication or that you want to go to fast with your hand and the tissue can´t follow….
hope i could help you… if anything isnt clear in my post, just tell me

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