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I am doing something right

I am doing something right

I decided to measure BPEL yesterday. Up 4 mm since last time!
This means that I have gained 7 mm BPEL and 5 mm EG in two month!
Totally I have now gained 1.7 cm BPEL and 1 cm EG during my 4 month of PE.

Current stats are
BPEL 15.7 cm (started at 14 cm)
EG 13 cm (started at 12 cm)

The change I did two to one months ago was to go down on jelqing time and do more manual stretching.
I added bundled (or twisted) stretches, V-stretches, as well as erect squeezes and bends.

My current routine is:
10 minutes stretching in the morning, ending with a few erect squeezes and bends
10 minutes jelqing in the afternoon, ending with a few erect squeezes and bends.
10 minutes stretching in the evening before shower ending with a few erect squeezes and bends.
Occasionally I add 10-20 minutes stretching in front of TV.
I do this 5 on, 1-2 off. I use no warm-ups whatsoever.

I think one of the best things about PE is the feeling when you actually measure and see the surprising gains. It is not much in my everyday life that come close to that feeling. I believe it is very important to set up goals in your life just to get the feeling of satisfaction when you accomplish them.
And if the goals are really meaningful, like the PE goals, it is so much better.


Way to go Oden. Nice gains in two months! That’s quite the routine. Once I get more conditioned I hope to add the bends and squeezes. From what I read they really boost the girth. Keep it up man! These posts keep us all going. :up:


Well done Oden, and congrats! You’re now officially Not Below Average, or just plain Above Average if that sounds better :)

Keep putting the effort in and you will fly PAST your goals!

Well Done


I really felt the difference when I first started doing erect jelqing, going from 12.5 cm-> 12.8 cm. When I later added erect squeezes and bends, my girth took another jump 12.8cm -> 13 cm. What I like about them is that they seem very effective. Instead of 10-20 minutes of boring jelqing, I do a few minutes of high intensity squeezes and bends.

Thanks. I always thought of me being far below average, so average is great.

Goals? What are they? I started out wanting to improve my flaccid hang so that I wouldn’t have to skip a lot of things in my life just because of being shy of being naked around other men.
Then, when I started realizing that my sex-life would improve as well, I had to adjust my goals.
I believe I might be rather satisfied with around 7” BPEL and 5.5” EG, but I would be even happier if I get a good flaccid hang AND COMPLETELY LOST THE ACORN EFFECT (that the dick completely shrinks to nothing when feeling anxious, scared, tired, exhausted, frozen etc)


How often is this routine?

I am currently on a 5 days on, 1-2 days off schedule.



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