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Hypothetical Plan: Need EVERYONE'S Input

Hypothetical Plan: Need EVERYONE'S Input

As much as we all want very quick gains (or we ge them but want them to last), it is inevitable that gains will slow and take time to develop. Sometimes you will work for months and months and not seem to get anywhere only for a rather noticeable gain to suddenly make itself known. To quote (paraphrase)( from one of my favorite books: “I like to think of training as a geometric spiral. With each phase of training taking you a different distance upward. Some times it takes you downward just gaining momentum for the next upward drive.”

I think to be realistic we have to look at PE in phases. Yearly phases. Which could then be divided into smaller 3 month phases (or other permutations). Anyway I am 21. I know a majority of guys on these forums are much older and wiser than myself. Hearing about improved sex lives, feeling younger, more energy, more confidence etc. is very inspiring. I admit to having the attitude “I’m not gonna listen to these guys” ‘take it slow’ ‘you can get injured’ ‘gains take time’ etc. etc. I’m young im not gonna damage my little soldier I can make some big and fast gains. I have no yet started a consistent PE routine yet. I have been reading these forums tons of posts. I have done countless forum searches of different word combinations!

So, to cut this rambling and get to the point of this essay I am composing, I want to ask a question of all members here. I am 21 and realizing PE takes time, and should probably be a life long thing and I should look at it in stages and in all actuality years. Lets say you had 5 years, you wanted to compile the perfectly paced PE program. The program would be in phases, yearly monthly weekly, with whatever kind of work/rest day ratio, 5 on 2 off , 2 on 1 off, 7 on none off etc. Incorporating anything and everything from manual stretches, jelqs kegels, edging, extenders, hanging, pumping, cable clamping. I know there is some stuff discussed on here that is very aggressive and potentially dangerous (and yes all PE has risk and can be considered dangerous).
My goal is length, with side goals being general Penis health, good hard erections and eliminating premature ejaculation. I dont mean to leave out the guys who are going after girth but this thread is a bit selfish on my part since I want length.

So I am asking all that are interested and are willing to spare sometime for the benefit of me and everyone else on these forums.

Come up with a plan, the hypothetical time frame is 5 years. The PE plan should be organized in phases. With each phase having a certain objective. We’ll say the PEer will have 30 minutes minimum to 2 hours maximum per day to devote to PE. This PEer is a complete newbie, his penis has to be slowly and gradually conditioned and built, with the main goal being length gains (and ancilliary benefits of the program being a healthier penis, better quality of erections, and eliminating premature ejaculation). The use of devices and or more aggressive exercises can be included as each member sees fit.

I apologize for the long post. I hope some people respond to it. I think if even 5-10 members respond to this and really put some time and effort into it this will be a valuable thread for people.

Since I am pretty much a PE virgin, i’ve tried some exercises etc. but I’m pretty much a newbie, I will follow one of these plans or an amalgamation of the plans suggested on this thread. I will have a training journal on this site. I know everyone will say, “he’s not gonna be able to do that” “he won’t stick to something so planned out and so longterm as this” but I will try my best.

Think about what you would have done differently when starting PE. Think of what you should have done more or less of etc. I know everyone is different and everyone responds a bit differently to PE but again I think this thread will be a good source of information. Thanks.

I wasn’t sure how to edit but forgot to add (i forgot to add a lot of stuff) but along with all the other methods and devices, gold weights/ monty’s PE weights can also obviously be part of this PE plan (basically anything within reason that has been discussed here).


I am still, I guess, a newbie. I have only been on this site since April but have seen some good “newbie” gains. I was just like you swbb, I thought that nothing could stop me. I would have a dick that would send my wife over the edge in no time. Well, I came down to Earth just as you and realized that this will take some time and there needs to be some sort of goals in mind, both short and long term. I know that with anything that you put your body through there needs to be several steps taken to prevent injury. Your body has to become conditioned to what is going on before putting to much stress on it. PE is no different than running, weight lifting, boxing, wrestling, etc… you have to build up to the hard stuff over a period of time.

As far as a routine goes for five years? That will probably be one for the guy/s that have been doing it for that long. They would have to look back on those years and see what worked best for them and come up with a schedule/routine. I can tell you what worked best for me and look forward to what I think I will be doing 5 years from now.

At this point, I am sort of starting over due to an injury. I did not loose any length during my 5 week break because I continued stretching, but I did loose some of my reported girth. (mental note, change signature to reflect that) But I do know what worked best 5 weeks ago that was leading me to a bigger unit. Here goes:

First quarter:

Newbie routine - warm up, stretching, jelgs, warm down (1 to two times a day, 2 on 1 off)
warm up and 1 day off most important, find out what LOT is.

Second quarter:

Continue Newbie routine, but will start to concentrate on length more over girth. Will keep the same amount of jelgs, but will step up the stretching. V-Stretch,A-Stretch, BTC-Stretch. Will stretch where LOT sends me.

Third quarter:

By this time I will have some sort of stretching device that I can wear for extended periods. Penismaster (modified for comfort and no disturbance in glands circulation), weights or what ever comes to mind. I will continue to do manual stretches as well. Seems as if Newbie routine is not cutting it anymore, will step up jelgs by 1 to 2 hundred each time I do them.

Fourth quarter:

Time to introduce hanging into the routine. I will start off with a moderate amount of weight and work up to more. Over the next three months, I will continue to manually stretch and hang when possible. Still doing the jelgs. Always warming up, stretching, then jelging.

First quarter year 2:

By this time I should have gained some length that might or might not be near my goal. May have to push on with the stretching a bit more. If goal of length has been achieved, then it is time to start working on girth. For most, this seems to be the hardest to get. I had some really good girth gains with in two months from mostly doing jelging. I will step up my jelging to 4 to 5 hundred a day, still 2 on and 1 off. I will continue with the manual stretching to maintain the length that I have achieved.

Second quarter year 2:

I will continue with the Jelging and stretching, but now will introduce pumping into the scene. I will not pump and jelg on the same day. In my opinion, this would be to much pressure related exercises at one time. I will either do my 4 to 5 hundred jelgs or two sessions of 10 minutes pumping at a low vacuum. I will change the times that I do my routine to maybe 3 on and 1 off or 3 on and two off. Never, ever will I not take time off for obvious reasons.

*** At this point in the program, or as far as that goes, at any point in the program, gaining may stop all together. I have read that some step up what they are doing to get things going again, and some give it a rest. When ever this happens, I imagine I will give it a rest for a month or two or more.***

Third quarter year 2:

Time to step things up some more and introduce clamping into the program. Once again, I will not do more than one pressure related exercise on a given day. I will still warm up, stretch, then clamp or jelg or pump.

Fourth quarter year 2:

Ending my second year, I may start doing things like Horse 440’s. Extreme stuff that my very well condition penis can handle. I might do three sets of pumping or clamping. At this point, with my well condition penis is able to handle a lot more than it use to.

SWBB, all of this that I have written is purly speculation. It would be hard for anybody to set a program for PE because we don’t always know what will work for us. One exercise could work for good gains for a few months, but may stop and you would have to find out what else would work for the next few months. I do know that there are basic exercises that are spelled out here at thunders that seem to work for almost everyone. These exercises include, jelging, stretching (manual and mechanical), hanging, pumping, clamping, kegels, ballooning, Fowfers (which by the way should be in every ones routine). It is really hard for me to pinpoint an exact routine for five years down the road. I think that you could get your wish from someone here at Thunders, and like I said before, it would be a “Vet”, but I still think that what worked for him may not work for you, although it very well could.

I guess what all of this boils down to is the fact that you will have to try and find out what will work best for YOU short and long term. You have won half of the battle already by realizing that this is an ongoing process and will not happen over night. You can follow what I have written up above if you like or combine it with others or throw all of it away. I just don’t think you can train like you are going to run a marathon or something. This is not an exact science, there are many, many inputs and the outputs can be good, bad or indifferent. It is all what you make of it and the way you do it. I hope I did not piss you off, that was not my intent. It is just not as simple as you requested.

Good luck in all your gains and I hope someone has the answers you are looking for.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Longman,your two year plan sounds very reasonable.A very safe sensible approach for the long term.If I were gonna change any part that you suggested above,it would be this.In the fourth quarter ,when hanging is introduced,I would recommend hanging straight down only,with say five pounds or less for a month or maybe two.My reasoning for this,is that in that time quickie lig gains to be had would be made in this time.It would also condition the ligs and skin so that when different angles and more weight were introduced it would be a much more comfortable transition.

Thanks, chainz 8. I will find it hard to stick to any routine right now due to my work schedule, but yes I do aggree with you in the fact that you should condition your dick to what you are doing before any major change is made.

Thanks again.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Your penis and how it grows isn’t a linear process. What I did was make a program up for a year with somewhat linear time under tension increases but I also realized and I believe stated that I’m almost certain that I won’t be sticking to that routine exactly. As you learn more about your penis and how it reacts to different stimuli you will change your routine. I’m not a veteran here either so don’t take what I said for gospel.


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