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Has anyone ever tried hypnosis’s or knows anyone who has. For any specific thing not just PE. Does it actually work, say I wanted to last longer in bed how much longer would it make you last. Or say I wanted to quit smoking or packing dips, would it actually help you stop using these products? One of my friends was thinking about getting it to stop smoking and was asking me about it, I dunno I went to a X rated hypnosis and he was getting people to do all crazy funny stuff. Anyways anyone know of or have any info on hypnosis if it really works.

I’ve never been hypnotised. I’ve seen a friend have it done though, during my fresher’s week at uni. I’ve never believed in hypnotism, but then what they were doing just confused me. How did they actually fall under the spell? I don’t think that could happen to me though, I don’t believe in it enough. I’m also too strong willed to let someone else dictate my every move in that way. I always think through everything I do meticulously. Is something I just do subconsiously, so I don’t think even hypnotism could bypass it. Its the reason why I take so long to post things actually, because I spend ages trying to think what to write/how to phrase it! :p

I guess if I were into it, however, and believed it could benefit me in some way I would probably let myself go, as it were. However, I believe whole-heartedly in solving our own problems. I wouldn’t turn to religion or to councellors or hypnotists. If I got myself into something I’d think of it as my responsibility to get myself out. If I was really in trouble though, I’d go to friends for help. I believe a good friend can be far more helpful than someone who doesn’t know you. :)

Sorry I’m not too helpful in this, but I can say this. We’ve both seen people do weirdstuff, aparently under hypnosis (unless they were told beforehand to act for the audience, which I think my friend actually may have hinted that he was to some extent, but it was too long ago for me to remember fully) and so people willing to go under hypnosis must be able to get something from it.

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Hey biggun,

Depends on what you mean by “Does it actually work” I suppose. Check out some of the “seduction” or “NLP” related threads for hypnosis related stuff.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You might also try self-hypnosis, which can be very powerful for all areas of your life if you get the hang of it.

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Both hypnosis and self-hypnosis work, however , don’t be fooled by the showy stuff on TV, whereby people do absurd things – they do absurd things because they want to. With proper hypnosis you reach a state of deep relaxation where the subconscious mind is susceptible to suggestion. At no time are you ever asleep and you are aware of external influences, like day to day noises. Fore example if the doorbell rang you would know and be able to answer it. In terms of penis development, hypnosis does nothing in a physical way, although visualising your goal may well help you reach it sooner in conjunction with other methods, because you are more focused and can stand the discomfort better; how much sooner though????

I have read that a person has to want to be hypnotized for it to work. I also remember there being some kind of connection between intelligence and the ease of being hypnotized but I can’t remember what it was exactly. Hypnosis, or any kind of suggestion strategies are really only useful for surpassing mental barriers and won’t really help with physical PE, unless of course you have a problem sticking with programs then maybe you could get yourself to stick to a program.

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It sounds, then, like hypnosis is just another form of meditation. I can get myself into the situation you describe, seahorse, with ease just through simple techniques of meditating while concentrating on my breathing, blocking out all annoying thoughts and sometime listening to music whilst meditating can help too. If they really are the same thing, then hypnotists are simply people out to make a buck from something most people do not realise they can do themselves, without even having to buy a book on it!

And yeah, the TV show stuff is just because they want to act silly. Thats sort of what my friend said to me about it. He said he knew he wanted to do some of the things he did, and thats the only reason he did them. :)

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Stage hypnosis, as it’s called, is what you see at clubs and such. The hypnotist selects some volunteers, and whittles them down to a group that’s unresistant to hypnosis. The volunteers go into the process knowing they’re going to be doing some crazy stuff, and are ok with that.

Someone experiencing hypnosis can not be made to do something against their will.

Hypnosis can address problems effectively if the client truly wants to fix the problem.

For instance, to quit smoking, the client has to have a very strong desire to be rid of the habit of smoking. They can’t be: “well I know it’s bad for me and I shouldn’t smoke, but I really like it sometimes.” They will not achieve any lasting benefit from hypnosis. These are the people that say “Well I tried it and it didn’t work for me.” It’s likely they never gave it a chance.

Some people are more “hypnotizable” than others. Some people resist out of fear: fear they’ll divulge secrets, fear they’ll be taken advantage of, fear they’ll loose control in some way, etc.

Go talk to a hypnotherapist in your area, an initial consult is always free. People become hypnotherapists because they truly want to help people. And rest assured they’ve had others come in to address the same issues you present.

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Hi Rifor

Yes I believe you’re right, to a great extent self-hypnosis and meditation are one and the same. However, whereas meditation, especially to the extent of blocking the mind to anything other than a single theme, takes a long time to master self-hypnosis is, I think, a lesser beast – though not necessarily less effective. I think that once self-hypnosis has been mastered and the connection with meditation is made, some people move towards it. For other it may be the mystique and spiritual connotations that prevents them from exploring the benefits of meditation; the thought of shaven heads and clanking finger cymbals while chanting up the high street! The difference between self-hypnosis and hypnosis, I’m sure you’ll realise, is as implied. You do it yourself with the former and the only cost involved is the outlay for whatever method you choose to learn by. Hypnosis by a practitioner my work out cheaper depending on how many session are required and is mainly for those who for various reasons choose not to get involved with either meditation or self-hypnosis. Normally I’m sceptical about professionals, like dentists, opticians and estate agents, but I think that hypnotist do give a service where needed. In fact some will only give a certain number of session, to get you used to “going under” and will then give you a tape that you can use at home to reinforce what was planted in the subconscious.

Theres some really good hypnosis at [Link to iamlisted’s site deleted] that you should like. Try the male sexual health section for free penis enlargement self hypnosis recordings to download. They do work. :)

Last year I did a course on hypnosis. As far as PE is concerned it is possible it might help with the healing time, however I wouldn’t put any money on it. On the other hand it would be excellent if you want to get into a more motivated state if you were feeling disillusioned.

One of the things hypnosis can do is allow you to automatically access different emotional states and you can anchor them to different acts. For example when people are hugged, most automatically feel a lot better. When some people see a spider they’re trained to automatically feel scared. It would be possible, in a trance, to train someone who was feeling down to feel amazing after jelqing… So it became less of a chore and more something you’d look forward to.

Was your course for college credit? I never took any hypno-stuff in college. All self read. I think it could work for most people.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Have your woman hypnotized into thinking you have the biggest unit on earth!

Free Hypnosis Recordings Thread

I just checked these out last night, I plan to try them out in combination with my Proteus Mind Machine, it works amazing to get me into whatever brainwave frequency I want for a specific purpose.(hypnosis, learning, relaxation, trance, etc)

Is anyone else here into light & sound brainwave technology?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
Was your course for college credit? I never took any hypno-stuff in college. All self read. I think it could work for most people.

It was a week long seminar taught by Richard Bandler, the guy who invented NLP. The man is, without doubt, the most charismatic person I’ve ever met. I’ve subsequently started to train for a diploma in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an amazing thing and pretty much anyone can go into an altered state. I don’t know just how much the mind influences PE, although hypnosis can be used for impotence so I suppose it can’t do any harm. That said I’m not about to shell out my hard earned for any tapes quite yet!

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