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HUUGE problem with my PJ experiment

HUUGE problem with my PJ experiment

maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all

so i wanted to really get back to flaccid stretching, but not with the loss of sensitivity i had with manual stretching. i heard from around this board a couple of times how people manually stretched, but instead of pulling from the top and bottom of the penis, stretched from the sides. i then incoorporated my powerjelq and tried doing some of these.

putting the power jelq on the left and right sides, i clamped down and pulled out. tried to put as little pressure as possible, but i think once i started to slip i applied more pressure without even realizing it. I did this probablythree times.

i realized this wouldn’t work because of the slippage, and then loosely wrapped some cloth around my good buddy down there for a better grip. it worked better and definitely was easier. the pull on the ligs was great.

anyway, the top. I presumed this was because of the first strectches without the cloth and would go away if i gave it a few days. but now it’s five days later without PEing and the glans and a good deal of the underside of my buddy are still numb. still don’t give any sensation whatsoever if i stroke them while erect.

i know the answer is to just give it time, but i’m kinda getting nervous. could i have hit a bundle of nerves with the side technique and squeezed the life out of them? is this stretching with a hold on the sides actually better than the hold on above and below the glans?

any response would be appreciated.


I had a similar problem. Not from jelqing from the sides like you have but from normal jelqing. Thats with the PJ device.

I first started PE in early Feb 2002 and was doing jelqing by hand, (300 jelqs) I bought the PJ device about three weeks later and started doing 100 jelqs a day but found this was too much for me. I lost all sensitivity and had difficulty getting a stiffy.

I stopped jelqing for a couple of weeks and restarted but I had to take a whole month off before any semblance of feeling came back. What small gain I had I did keep.

Now that I am back to normal sensativity, I am still only doing light jelqing 150 a day on a two on and one off basis. I shall increase this to 200 next month.

Hope this info gives you some relief.

Health is Wealth

thanks alot for the reassurance.

one whole month? wow that’s a good deal of time. its about a week now i guess and still not too much. but i’ll wait it out a little longer before i start worrying.

good luck in the future

time off

Trust me, a month is nothing. If you ever have a serious injury (not my case), or HAVE to stop for other reasons for months on end (loss of privacy, new job, new relationship etc), you will see how long that is!

Be patient and don’t overwork at the beginning. If you are to gain, you will - be it now or in six months time.


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