HUUGE problem with my PJ experiment

maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all

so i wanted to really get back to flaccid stretching, but not with the loss of sensitivity i had with manual stretching. i heard from around this board a couple of times how people manually stretched, but instead of pulling from the top and bottom of the penis, stretched from the sides. i then incoorporated my powerjelq and tried doing some of these.

putting the power jelq on the left and right sides, i clamped down and pulled out. tried to put as little pressure as possible, but i think once i started to slip i applied more pressure without even realizing it. I did this probablythree times.

i realized this wouldn’t work because of the slippage, and then loosely wrapped some cloth around my good buddy down there for a better grip. it worked better and definitely was easier. the pull on the ligs was great.

anyway, the top. I presumed this was because of the first strectches without the cloth and would go away if i gave it a few days. but now it’s five days later without PEing and the glans and a good deal of the underside of my buddy are still numb. still don’t give any sensation whatsoever if i stroke them while erect.

i know the answer is to just give it time, but i’m kinda getting nervous. could i have hit a bundle of nerves with the side technique and squeezed the life out of them? is this stretching with a hold on the sides actually better than the hold on above and below the glans?

any response would be appreciated.