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Hubbards Drumsticks...


Hubbards Drumsticks...

Has anyone actually used this method with any success?



Hi Gorf
If you mean sticks used to aid manual stetching ,then i have used them.I put two posts on subject plateau to jztb if you want to read those.Itried them for hanging also.Too uncumfortable and also slipped off with any real weight.



are they to aid stretching, or to kind of jelq with? I kinda got the idea they were to jelq with? Maybe just a misunderstaning on my part?



Hi gorf
They call them jelq sticks but I couldnt get on with jelqing when I tried it.I use them to help stretching,which I find v.usefull.Hubbard described this on his site a t one time.Also same for hanging but now he just shows the short stubby ones for hanging only.Wonder why?


Hey guys,
Don’t get confused about Hubbard’s site. If you are using the link at the botom of the page, that goes to a copy of Tom’s next to last site. I asked for permission to post a copy of that site here and Tom sent me a copy of the entire site.

I am working on a copy of his last site that I should have up soon. It is the one with the jelq sticks on it. It is only one page. I want to ask Tom’s permission first. I suspect that I won’t get a reply from him, but I will ask anyway. I’ll post something in the forum when it is finished.

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tee hee

No problem copying it.

I think the Power Jelq concept has validity, and the drumsticks are simply a much cheaper, more easily concealed, and convenient approach. After five years “stuck” at 7.25, I’m now pushing past 7.5 with irregular use of the drumsticks (I did get about 60 hours of Bib Hanging in there at first, so I can’t attribute it all to my own wizardry, but I definitely was not consistently measuring a full 7.5 el when I was still hanging).

Hanging: Marksman, what do consider “real” weight? I had no problem with 10 pounds using the sticks and a dick wrap — more wrap or perhaps gluing two sticks together to increase surface contact area might boost its capacity. Weights just don’t fit my home life situation the way they do with Bib, and I have a habit of not waiting for reality to catch up with my enthusiasm over new developments. I would like to know if this is a workable weight hanger for others.

What’s new: a couple years ago, I picked up an article from some forum by a guy who called himself David Hillier and had made an improved “Blakoe Ring” or “Libido Ring” to boost testosterone production (who cares, say the 20-somethings). It’s one of the very few PE docs I kept during the Last Great Purge of my hard drive. Pieces of zinc and copper tube strung on surgical tubing. Problem was finding pure zinc (refrigerator/food grade 1/4” I.D. copper tubing is easy), and I finally tracked down a suitable and not too spendy 6” x 3/8” zinc anode at McMaster-Carr — thanks to a lead I found here (awesome supplier, fast and cheap delivery! They even sell steel balls. Not that I want balls of steel per se; rather they’re convenient for Tom Hubbard’s ultimate foreskin restoration device design that’s also on the back burner). I’ve finally got one of these little galvanic battery thingies wrapped around me, and it feels good. Who knows if it “works” - no doubt I’ll dribble and spit all over myself in enthusiasm if I think it does.

Stay tuned, partners. The old fart is back, as your prescient moderator predicted.

Drum Sticks

Hi Tom

Well hello to one old fart to another.I am 56 next birthday (April 29).So I have a interest in your testosterone booster.Whats all this about zinc.Fill me in with ideas.I reckon I can make anything you come up with I just need the design to start me off.
As to weight on your sticks.They slipped off at about 9 lbs but I did not wrap as your drwgs did not show any,the idea of wrap + double sticks could be good.I have made and used the plastic pipe hanger with wrap to 12lb max.I have just made a copy of the bib hahger. This is easy to use at 14lb for 2x 20min.
I love your sticks to aid stretching.I was stuck at 7 ” for 3 mnths and then found your sticks these got me going again.I have put on 3/8 in 3 mnths then started hanging again.I did 2 x 15 min sessions per day with the sticks thats all.Brilliant cant thank you enough.
How do I use the sticks for jelqing BTW

Looking forward to your reply


Ball zinger design and questions


Sorry to be so long getting back to you - I was locked out after changing my email address and then not checking my email…duh.

I’ve posted the ball-zinger design on my web site (…ballbattery.htm). Biggest challenge is drilling out the zinc; if you have better ideas please let me know. I’m pretty stoked on it; measures .12 volts dry and .42 wet.


— where are the original homemade Bib Hanger instructions?

— do I read correctly thatyou got 3/8” in 3 months using the sticks without any other technique?

How do you use the sticks for jelqing? I can’t answer that ‘cause I don’t undserstand the question - jelq is pulling and squeezing your dick, and that’s what the sticks do, only a lot stronger than using just your hands.


The homemade bib hanger instructions are in the hanging section under ‘Homemade Bib hanger/Uli thing’ or something like that.

Here it is:

Home made Bib Hangers / Bib’s Uli thing

If that does not work, I think it is on page three.


Sticks and ball zinger

Hi Tom

The zinger looks the biz I love all these crazy contraptions that we use for this game.I dont think I could wear that at all times ,my wife would think I am mad.Would there be some benifit gained to wear it in working hours only do you think?It looks like it has the same principle behind it as the copper wrist bracelets people wear to help joint stiffness etc.They work but nobody knows how.How about using the zinc from zinc/carbon dry cells?
I have not used the sticks for milking but as a grip aid for stretching.My usual routine would be stretching for 15min twice a day and one 15 session of squeezes and dry jelq.5 on 2 off. occasionally a hanging session with the homemade pipe hanger when I had the time and patience to do it.This did get me out of my plateau and has give me 3/8 in 3 months.Thanks Tom!
I have now made a hinged bib hanger by looking at the site .I only have flat padded grips on it but it works fine with some wrap on the dick,and so easy to fit.I am still not sure it is any better than stretching with your sticks but a lot less effort,( I am lazy at heart).
Let me know what you think on the zinc from batteries etc



Zinc (etc)

My concern with zinc from a battery is not knowing the lead content. You don’t want lead in contact with your skin for an extended period.

I’m sure any time you can wear the ball zinger would be better (if it does anything) than nothing. I haven’t told my wife, and she hasn’t seen it. I use a little discretion when changing, and I sleep in shorts. When lovemaking becomes imminent, it’s easy enough to slip off (as long as you loosen it first ;-).

***Thanks Bib for the URL.

***Thanks ThunderSS for the sugestion - I’ve seen that flat stock; just not sure how to attach it to something to use with copper….

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