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Hubbards Drumsticks...


Cut the flat stock into pieces and roll it up into the same size diameter as the rods that you are breaking so many drillbits making. Sure you will screw up on the first one or two, but you should get better with practice, try wrapping it around a pencil or something.

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Don;t know where to find thin flat zinc

I don;t see anything matching that description in their catalog, though I haven’t looked exhaustively. Do you know something I don’t?

Nope Tom.

Just that they do often have some pretty exotic materials in flat stock/sheet goods also. And if they do have what you need, it seems it would be easier to cut pieces and form them into a circle, rather than drilling I would think. Also, if a guy needed, say more than he would need for one device and they didn’t have the flat stock, McMaster could probably order the correct grade for you from the same outfit that mades the rods. They do that kind of stuff on request.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Hi Tom

Having had some time to think about the zinger and to do some experiments it looks like zinc is the best material to produce the voltage.Other material combos like copper/silver or gold or aluminium or nickel-silver only produce about .5V.Have you tried an electroplater for the zinc .I guess this hi purity metal is produced mainly for ther use.
I have had another thought which would get round this prob altogether.If all that is needed is 1V applied to contacts why not provide it from a small cell built into the unit.Then contacts could be any suitable safe metal.Siver would be a good bet as wire can be bought from craft jewellery suppliers,but plain old copper pipe for drinking water would be fine.What do you think?
If you want to stick with drilling out zinc rod,can you not find a hobbyist or m/c shop to do it on a lathe ,far and away the easiest way to do it.I have one myself so it would be no prob if I can find the metal.



I’ve ordered some of the rod zinc material from McMasters-Carr from the pointer up this thread a bit - I have a decent metal/wood workshop, including a drillpress - so will be interesting to see how this project works out - the rod material was pretty cheap at a litthe over $5 for enough to do several “gadgets”…


I think I've got it

I’ll add to my site as soon as I get a chance, but I think I’m onto something here: take 1-1/2” each of the zinc rod and copper tube, tie them together by pushing a piece of latex tube about 1/4” over each end of each (a la slingshot).

Make a ring tight enough so one of the little teskies can’t escape in cold weather, and at night maybe (I’ll find out tonight!) it will still be comfortable with a raging hardon, which no doubt I’ll have after hanging 20# with my newest hanger. But that’s another story. It’s been a day of technological breakthroughs ;-)

New Ideas

Hi tom

Good idea put the tube over the metal not inside it.Will it stay on ok and not slide off.Suppose it depends how tight the tube fits the rod.
Anxious to see your new hanger.I made a copy of the bib but it wouldnt be fair to him to publicise it
Let me know when I can see your one on your site


new hanger

Expect to see the hanger with detailed (and incredibly simple) construction details within the next few days….if the server is still working :-0


Hi Tom and ThunderSS

Yes ,what a surprise to see Tom has included my exercise in his site.I now feel like a PE guru.One thing to add, if guys find stretching for long periods tiring/uncomfortable,then try stretching intensively for 30 sec say and then rest for 30 say..As bib says its the intensity that counts not necessarily the time you stretch for.But whatever you do those sticks are a really effective way of increasing the intensity without increasing the load on your hands.Toms new hanger looks effective too.and I am looking forward to his comments on the new zinger


3-second rule; 30-second rule

My massage therapist told me that no stretch should last more than 3 seconds, because then your body starts resisting instead of stretching (hmm…girth vesus length?). That’s why I say make each drumstick pull last three seconds.

An alternative Doc told me that any message you want to send to your body should last at least 30 seconds so your body doesn’t ignore it. Perseverance furthers.

Yours in confusion,



Your massage therapist is way off base Tom.

In 3 seconds your muscles haven’t even fully relaxed yet let alone getting stretch on the ligaments and fascia.

Yeah I know the dick is not a muscle, but this question relates to more than PE, besides the dick does have a smooth musculature that is responsible for the retraction of the penis in cold danger stress etc. I think the “doc’s” point is that time allows the body to allow change to set in and reset limits. I would be more in agreement with his view, I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in specific time limitations I think your common sense and listening to what your body “tells” you is the key.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Aw, gee...

I thought maybe I could boost this thread into one where people expound for pages and pages. Ja well… ;-)


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