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HTW: its a wrap

What is CC?

I was just wondering.. Would wearing one of these bands while sleeping do you any good? I mean, will the band keep the penis abit stretched?

Originally Posted by MagnumMan
I ordered the original Scunci model 17906-A from Monty and I waiting for them to arrive. In the mean time I found the Goody 32109’s, the Scunci 22087-A’s (neon), and have been experimenting with both.

I don’t hang or clamp but I’ve been using the 32109’s as part of an ADS contraption.

Items required
Goody 32109 Headbands or Scunci 17906-A / 22087-A HB’s (Thanks xenolith)
2-3 Homedics Thera P magnetic therapy wrist wraps. (Thanks peforeal)

• I cut the HB on both sides of the seam. In other words I remove about ¼” or less.
• I roll the Goody 32109 Headband (HB) like a condom and leave about 4” loose. The amount you leave loose depends on the size of your glans.
• Then I roll the remaining 4” into a smaller condom roll.
• I warm up for about 5 minutes with a rice sock (Flax seed) I got a Wal-Mart called a “Bed Buddy”.
• I stretch the bigger of the 2 rolls and insert my glans.
• I grab my glans through the material and unroll the HB as far as I can into my fat pad. It is OK if there is still a condom roll at the end in the fat pad.
• I then stretch out and pull my glans through the 2nd condom roll so that is exposed.
• I start wrapping the Wrist Wraps (WW) as close as I can to the base of my penis.
• When I put the first one on I stretch out by pulling on the glans and I slide the WW as far into the fat pad as I can. This will butt right up against the condom roll.
• I repeat this with the second WW.
• On some occasions (especially after Jelqing or stretching) I apply a third WW. With the Third WW I have to remain fairly sedentary (I.e. Reading up at Thunders) so my glans doesn’t turtle into the second condom roll.

Warning: This gives you an obscene bulge that might not be fit for public.

I go to bed at night with the HB and 2 WW’s on and rarely slip out. Depending on how tight you put on the condom roll at the glans you can even urinate with this stretcher on.

Three WW’s are a real stretch and I’ve order the PE weights from Monty and plan to incorporate them into this ADS.

Before I found Xenolith’s thread on the HTW’s I could only wear one WW. If I put on a second my foreskin would roll up on the glans and I would turtle at least a 1”. These HTW’s / HB’s provide the perfect grip. I’m cut but I’ve started restoring recently (might as well do something with this extra PE skin).

I prefer the Goody 32109’s for this ADS, but I haven’t tried the original 17906-A’s yet. I have the 22087-A’s which might be the neon version of the 17906-A’s

Once again, thanks Xenolith this is exactly what I needed to keep from turtling.


A step by step with pictures of this would be awesome! I really need something like this while sleeping =)

Originally Posted by howardlean

What is CC?

Cock Coil

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

Hi xeno,

This has been asked earlier in this thread, but is your favorite HTW still holding up? I’m just trying to get a feel if I need to purchase more. A good wrap for hanging and traction wrap to boot afterwards, the best of both worlds. A pat on the back to you for your imagination and willingness to share with us.

Hi Alice. Yes, I still love the HTW. They’re very durable. I still use ones that I’ve been using for well over a year. Best bang for the buck PE tool I know of. It makes my hanging (BIB Starter) a breeze. That combo is all I’ll ever need for my hanging purposes. When last I was hanging, I was using 3 (extended over the glans, it really helps keep glans swelling from occurring) in order to get the right girth with my preferred waaaay wide open hanger configuration (I’ve replaced the 2” basal width adjusting screws with 2.5” screws and have the front one set to maximum length, the back one set ~1/4” less wide than the front one) in order to focus compression on the dorsal thickening of the tunica. My hanger opening when closed tight approximates a triangle with a 60 degree basal angles and a 30 degree top angle (about like this /\ actually) . This configuration also facilitates great circulation to the glans and doesn’t compress the urethra. Soooper comfy, I fall asleep while hanging all the time.

I think wearing a HTW, 2, or 3 as a post hanging traction wrap is a great idea. Just watch out for the the increased frequency of crotch watchers, they do keep you quite extended, particularly with multiples, not to mention, looking…ahem, plump. I know the concept is frowned upon, but wearing them at night seems like a pretty benign practice to me.

Thanks for the attaboy :) .

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

Thanks for the reply, I like your thoughts on the hanger set-up. I see no problem wearing these at night also, I look forward to getting the ball rolling again and am enthused about wearing these as traction too.

Just got back from treasure hunting at all my local stores(Wal-Mart, Target, K Mart) with no luck at all, it looks like I will be giving Monty repeat business. I would hate for these to fall off the face of the earth like the Thera-P, I’ll stock up on these while they are around. :)

I received my Starter and HTW’s from Bib and Monty today. Bigger still has great service as always and Monty as well. Unfortunately, my start up will be delayed due to a nasty ingrown:( , it looks like I have a third ball.


Got my HTWs. A “sleeper” combo with the spread wide Starter :nodding:
Reckon I’ll be grabbin’ a fistful of these darlings.



Originally Posted by real mcdeal

A “sleeper” combo…


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

I wish i read this thread sooner. Great idea! I’m hittin Wal-Mart tonight, hope they have em’!!


Current Stats, BPEL x EG (base): 6.5'' x 5''


I have the HTW’s now and am entering into week 4 with them. I am doing toe in, out and same settings test to find the right combo and so far I have found that the double one folded back on itself and then rolled up like a condom is best so far.

I am amazed at the comfort the HTW’s give. I have been having no skin soreness at all since I started using this material. The material allows for easy transfer of hanger stress to the shaft like no other material I have used for hanging.

I found that I am now about to use the HTW to cover maybe half the glands. Like you say it provides a kinds of inwards pressure on the glands to help prevent swelling if it is problem to you. I have also noted that glands temperature is more warmer than when the glands is exposed to the room temperature. I also have found that when I remove the wrap at the end of the session I really feel like I have been restoring glands sensitivity.

It is still early days though with my new wrapping material but yes I can now understand your warning for people to be careful with teh HTW not to fall asleep. I hang 10 mins sets and they now go so quickly because of the comfort level.

Thanks exon for this info on the HTW and thanks rm for being there for my baby steps into this new wrapping material and spread wide settings stuff we have been discussing.


Ok, so I didn’t read all of the posts in this thread…. yet.

I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. I’m totally going to try it out!

Ooooh. I love PE!


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but I’ve read that it isn’t exactly compatible with a Wench, so I’m wondering if this would work with a Bib hanger?


In my 4 weeks with using the HTW’s I believe and recommend them for the Bib hanger users. Especially If the user is like myself and has struggled to find a wrap that is easy to use and ultra comforty on the skin.

Go for it.


I got the scuncis. They are really comfortable while sleeping, but the extension it gives is not as great as I imagined. When I wear it, it just extends my limp stature by an inch or so. I tried to wear 2 scuncis so that it could apply more pressure and further extend the unit. It worked, but still there is a lot of room for further extension; it is a bit loose. I have to find a way to make scuncis apply more pressure on the penis.


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