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How To ... ?

How To ... ?

…reduce the fat in the pubic area ??
my fat between pubic bone and the root where the penis comes out is about 1/2 ” … can it be reduced even more ?


Liposuction, diet, trim spa…
Any thing to loose the weight I guess.


Not positive, but I think 1/2 inch is quite small (thin?). Anyway, it is an area we don’t have much control over other then overall weight control. Be happy with 1/2 inch.

Carve of skin and flesh!

No, seriously there is no natural way to spot reduce fat.

The Gillette MachXX does the trick for me,
gets all that inner penis right out there.

Seriously, there is an operation for it,
other than that, it’s dieting and exercise.

Yea I say be happy that you only have .5” of fat there. A lot of people have an Inch or more includeing myself and Im not over weight either.

Leg lifts will work that area. Lie on your back with you legs straight out and 8 inches or so off the floor. Lift 30 times, rest 1 min., repeat. Do 5-8 sets if possible. Increase them every 2 weeks or so and do them every day. When your legs feel like they’re too heavy, cheat a little and bend your knees as if you’re doing crunches when you lift and straighten them out again. When doing the cheating part you speed them up.

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New member,

That will not reduce fat specific to the pubic area. If he has very underdeveloped muscles, then it will harden the area up, but it is certainly not going to target fat loss in that area. Like someone else said, you can’t spot reduce fat with a certain type of exercise.

As much as I want to be thin like the rest of the world, you NEED some fat in that area. It cushions when engaged in sexual activity. Bone against bone is very painful when done at a high rate of speed. Keep your half inch of fat there, embrace it, cherish it, for it will keep you from having a bruised pubis symphasis (English translation, the point where your pelvic bones meet in front).

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