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How to prevent hardening

How to prevent hardening

HOW?! Anyone got any ideas? I finished my 30+ day break from PE (I think I grew maybe 0.25 inch in length), than from monday I started PEing again, and it feels like a steel pipe again. The tissues are getting too hard and if they get too hard it will be hard to grow. Anyone know how I can prevent my unit from getting so hard? Or is it normal or how can I tell if it’s normal? I do about 200 jelqs in the morning, and 200-400 jelqs and about 5-10 squeezes (full erection, than squeeze base than squeeze head, hold for 15 seconds) before going to sleep. And some tunica stretching if I have time.

Well it doesn’t really feel just like a steel pipe but still feels too hard.

Hardness is good, isn’t it? :)

I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think you can make the conclusion that just because your tissues are hard you’ll have a hard time growing.

I’d say the increased rigidity is a positive side effect of the PE.

Is there anyone else out there that thinks they’re gaining slow because they’re too hard?

I know exactly what your referring to, you need to learn how to get an engorged erection and not a hard-on for jelqing and other forms of PE.

What works the best for me is getting an erection without stroking it. If I stroke it it will get hard as a rock, but if I get an erection without stroking, just by touching, slapping and squeezing type stimulation I get a softer erection. Also doing this with a cock ring on helps as well.

This is a good read, and we talk about engorged type erections:
- My Girlfriend said those lovely words…

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I think I might know what you mean. Sometimes I get a type of erection where my dick is pretty hard, but it isn’t really engorged. It’s smaller than my good erections, and jelqing really doesn’t work nearly as well. With a relaxed, engorged erection I can jelq in a lot of blood, and my dick is more vascular. With the smallish, harder/less flexible erections, jelqs bring no real expansion.

I’m not sure what causes any of this (I suspect some kind of hormone), but there might also be a correlation to getting erect too fast. If I take my time and try to get hard using my mind and gentle touches near the base of my dick, I can usually get a pretty good erection. If I just pop in some porn and start stroking the entire shaft, I can get pretty hard, but my dick is noticably smaller than usual.

Well Pud, you beat me to the punch. It’s good to hear confirmation of something I have been thinking about for a while.

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