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How to perform a balls sac stretch

How to perform a balls sac stretch

My skin down there is very tight, now, while writing I’m home and I’m warm and they hang a little but normally they retract a lot and the sac is very small, how do I enlarge the sac a little, any manual exercise or some tool to use for the purpose?


Yeah they sell ball sac stretchers (rings) at a few pumping sites, and there are a bunch of threads on the subject. If you want to save some money check out ‘harness rings’ which are available in hardware stores/Lowe’s/Home Depot. I guess you could pull on your sac and stretch it also if you wanted to.

Search for westla’s posts on the subject here, one of them include a very instructive picture.

Heat is imperative.

regards, mgus

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Isn’t ballsac strectching abit dangerous? erm….well good luck with it.

There’s a very large thread on this subject. I think you can safely stretch the scrotum, and even the testicles, to get them to hang lower. Just use common sense and go slowly.

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