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How to measure

How to measure

I’ve seen that the people at this forum measures their penis with a ruler, but my penis is a little bit bent upwards so when I measure my penis straight out from the stomache with a ruler it measures 6” but if I use a measuring tape it shows 7”, am I 6 or 7? Seeing as 7” of my penis is inside a women during sex then 7 should be the right measurement right?

I’d say you are 7”. As long as the tape is as tight as possible but still measuring your curve.

Daing, that’s one hell of a curve. I get another .25” when I straighten out.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

You have to post a pic of this curve Daemon!!!

Well, it’s not really that it’s a big curve,, it’s more that my penis is pointing at an upwards angle (10 or 11 o clock) and won’t move (if I try to push it down I can probably push it to almost 9 o clock and that really hurts). If my penis was straight (9 o clock) it would probably be easier to measure, but thats not the case,,, this is a bit annoying while peeing (clamping and such) but jelqing and squeezes etc are never a problem

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