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how to measure the perfect size for her??

Just continue your PE, you’ll know perfect when you get there.

I dont get this post

What is the point?

Women do not obsess this issue as you think, and I ought to know.

If you can insert your entire fist in her up to the elbow joint, break up with her.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

The perfect size is somewhere in between a finger and a baby’s collarbone.

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Originally posted by Prickle
If you can insert your entire fist in her up to the elbow joint, break up with her.

Wrong! This is only a good (or the only) advice for those who believe they have to be the largest their women ever felt. This is a psychological issue, not a physical one! I read on fisting boards (women talking to women) that fisting does not decrease their ability to enjoy and to cum from their partner’s penises. So there is no reason to belive you can’t satisfy a woman being able to take a whole fist. These boards even claim that the vaginal muscles get toned by these extreme practices. If you think of other muscles, this seems plausible. Stretching your pectoral muscles will grow them stronger and more dense. TO me this is only theory. But the instinct to run away from a fistable woman seems to be born out of irrational fear. You should have told Kojack when he’s been with his ex to drop her because she was able to share with him his biggest fetish :D

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As Uncut said, women (like us males) are of different sizes, so it would be good to know if there is any external signs that indicates her vaginal dimensions…
This has been already discussed in the Spanish forum and our member Scherz meant that the distance between vagina and belly button could give us a external sign for vaginal depth… (not girth…)

If we could know that beforehand, it could guide us to an appropriate match…

We should experiment with that and contribute with details for a mayor study :D :D


matti, how does the distance between bellybutton and vagina corelate to the vaginal depth? More distance = deeper? Has this been verified, anecdotally even?

Hi secjay,

Yes, only anecdotally…

According to this theory it would be:
More distance = deeper
Less distance = shorter

Scherz meant all his gf fit in this description… I haven’t paid much attention to, because i didn’t knew about this theory.
We could make an statistic to verified this theory. Personally i know that there has been a lot of studies to proof if there is a correlation between males penises and other parts of the body (nose, feet, hands…) but so far i know there has not been found anything, so i would think it could be the same for women (or not…) who knows.


Well, from my studies and calculations… if a chick’s got a flat ass, then the pussy seems to be more “up front”, like where a dick would be on a man. If she has more of a bubble ass, or a rounder profile, then the pussy is more towards her crotch, or “underneath”, which I find more attractive. As far as actual dimensions go, I have no clue. I find that girls who just sit on their ass and do nothing, no kind of activity, no exercise, will have looser pussies than girls who are active or fit. Like girls who were always attractive and never had to work-out to look good… they’re hot, but got loose twats.

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I noticed the same related to the pussy position…

About pussy measurements, i would say that the “vagina girth” would be very hart to predict based on external signs, to many factors are involved(exercise, kegels, children…), but we have here in Spain a saying that goes like “Thin girl, cow pussy” and my personal experience in this area verified this.

The “vagina length” could be track by the mentioned theory (distance belly button to vagina) but not only, may be hips distance, or something else…


Actually, the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it is to try to figure out a woman’s inner “dimensions”…especially just by looking at her. Does it really matter? We all know it has to expand enough to pop out a baby, so whatever.

You spend nine months getting out of it, and the rest of your life trying to get back in.

Becoming.... Godsize

You spend nine months getting out of it, and the rest of your life trying to get back in.

:funpost: :rolling:

I can see how many people will find the disire to find a relevance between vaginal size/depth and visible features to be pointless, but I share the interest. I guess mainly becuase I have a size fetish and feel that I would be unhappy with woman with a small vagia. I’m the male version of a size queen.

This would be hard to study for many reasons.

1. Number of women that each of us are able to, or are willing to measure.

2. The ability or lack of the ability to bring a woman to full arousal.

3. The apex of the vagina or the posterior fornix is quite elastic and its depth varies at times.

4. Each woman’s opinion on what is pleasurable/painful.

I do feel that there is a slight connection between a woman’s facial features and her vagina’s appearance and size. This would be true if we could study women that have not had children and were all of equal bodyfat percentages (mostly for labia appearance).

The only slight connection that I have drawn is mouth width and vaginal looseness/tightness. Also, I feel that a woman can usually not be chicken lipped on her mouth (have thin lips) and have luscious large inner labia. A woman with soft little features usualy has a softer less angled vagina, and a woman with stronger features/ larger eyes and such may seem to have larger more womanly womanhood. Taoist have writings on this, but I’m not sold on it yet.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Yeah XXL, I’ve read the same about vaginal mucsles that are stretched and exercised becomed more toned and the woman can gain more muscle control if she tries to relate better to her ability to control her muscles and relax. Then ofcourse contract also.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

It would be good if a girl’s pussy was still tight even when totally relaxed. Add that with being able to control the muscle, and you’ve got a heartbreaker waiting to happen.

Becoming.... Godsize

great posts guys !
i think we should do that study as mattie suggested,

is everyone up for it?



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