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How to make it "look" bigger....


I’ve always wondered about that. Does shaving your legs really make you go faster? I mean how much wind resistance can a few leg hairs make?

Maybe you could also paint a red stripe down the side, then you’d be unbeatable. :)


Wow, this is an old thread you dig out here :D …was funny to read my own old post (“…I am a dedicated dick watcher..:”) :fie:

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Doesn’t really help you go faster but it does make debridement that much easier in hospital when the peloton decides to eat itself for lunch!

I got that once….looked like a pot scrubber going after me and felt about the same.

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I hung carnival fun house mirrors all along the walls and ceilings of my bedroom. Then I make sure the girl can never see my penis except in the reflection of a mirror.

Works like a charm. Not only does my dick look huge!!, but she’s so worried about how big her ass is all of a sudden, that she doesn’t even care about what I look like.

It was 1974, I was 14 and proud of my pubes. Then I met a 26 y/o woman who didnt have a hair down there. The next thing I knew mine was gone too! Ihave kept mine off ever since. Most ladis prefer it that way and I prefer a “smooth as a baby’s butt pussy” too!

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You should not only trim to show the full length of the penis, but also for hygenic purposes.


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