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how to maintain 50% erection

how to maintain 50% erection

I usually get full erection easily. I try to maintain 50-60% erection since this is the suitable erection for gaining length and avoiding hard veins. I do that by hot wrap interruption each time I feel I’m about to get full erection. I read if you don’t have spots on the head then you are not peing enough. This indicator drove me crazy so I begun peing near or full erected. The results after the session were noticable. But don’t overdo it.

One of the things I aimed at from pe is to retard ejaculation. I think this can be achieved but need more advice and more experiences.

I too had the same issue with getting too hard when I jelqed. What I found is that once I got past the first 5 - 10 min of moderate jelqing I dick relaxed and reached a point of about 60-70% erect and was relatively easy to maintain with timed pc flexes. This is when I have my most productive jelqing. I didn’t figure this out until I was about a month into my PE. And if that’s not working then visualize your wife, gf or neighboor walking in on you while your yanking the willie. That will take you down to about 1% erect in about 2 seconds!!! LOL. I only occasioinally get red spots anymore and It’s been about 8 months since I started PE. I judge my jelqing / PE session more on the feel than the actual number of reps or time, although it usually works out about the same each time. When I have a good session my dick is too fatigued to want to ejaculate. I have read that ejaculating results in temporarily lowering your testosterone and makes your wille shrink up. I’d rather savor the pump and feel “big” for a while. Just a few of my thoughts.

Good luck!

Mixture of methods

Thanks for sharing the experience. Here’s what I did today, I begin jelqing at the very base with an OK grapping the outer skin till the gland, it helped me to reduce the stimulation on the head and frenum. As you said, the first 5 - 10 min of moderate jelqing I dick relaxed and reached a point of about 60-70% erect and was relatively easy to maintain with timed pc flexes. My trial was I start with very little squeeze then increase it as time goes by and concentrate on stretching at the end of the stroke as you can. You can also press you finger in the middle of the penis to exert more tension. Mean while between here and there use hot wraps. Any other advices… advice is needed regarding what are the complications of hard veins.

What I do is call a girl. Talk to the girl and when you find your cock getting low on an erection flirt with her. I like doing my jelqing sessions like this.

Pe has now become something decent to do and not a boring chore.

Do not talk too dirty and have phone sex wid her or your dick will be super hard.

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That sounds like a very good idea in both controlling your erection level and making jelqing a more interesting experience. Thank you for sharing!

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