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How to gauge HER size? (no shemales involved)


How to gauge HER size? (no shemales involved)

I am a bit concerned about gauging the size of my girlfriend and how that will reflect on my glorious PE lifestyle. I know that just like guys have their dick sizes, females have their corresponding vagina sizes. I was also told that while male size is near permanent (with PE being the exception), female size is also fairly permanent after the initial sexual encounters. I am uncertain, though, about the point at which women reach their full potential, after that point of being broken in a few times. My girlfriend an I have had sex 8 times so far (I am her first) over the last 3 months. The problem is, she still has pain whenever we have sex. She is very much ready for it physically. Plus, the condoms are lubricated, adding on to her being very wet. I get her to orgasm, but after all this, she still says it still hurts mildly. I am a bit concerned about how this will affect my PE. I’m a greedy bastard, and I still want a lot more size, but seeing as how serious our relationship is, I obviously couldn’t do that if she hurts every time. Any suggestions of what to do? or should I just forget about it and know that she is still expanding after only 8 attempts of penetration?


*Right after I posted this, the vagina size thread was brought up again, how ironic. I have done searches and read some other’s information, but any more comments suggestions would be much appreciated.

Have more sex.

Talk to her about it a lot, make her feel comfortable about having sex, even though it hurts, and that it will get better over time.

Maybe you can talk her into using a dildo on herself if you she feels a bit insecure doing it with you. But if you do it right, she’ll probably go along.

I don’t know what else to say :O

If you only had sex 8 times with her and you’re her first, I think she might still be a little tight. Give it some time for her to adjust.

The ladies here on this board can give you more helpful advice…

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Sounds like you fit just fine. She just needs more “breaking in”. My wife used to always tell me to go slow at first until she adjusted. That was before PE, and an additional 10 cubic inches of penis. She takes it all just fine. You are, after all, a little on the large size for a near virgin to take comfortably.

Hey Joecool,

If you mean she’s a bit sore after sex and needs a break to “recover”, this is a normal reaction for some women to large girths (even with sufficient lubrication and arousal), and it may never go away. If she’s sore during sex, however, inhibiting her pleasure, then this will probably resolve with more time, as the guys above said. If it doesn’t, she may want to see a doctor to make sure everything’s okay down there; intercourse when well-aroused shouldn’t be painful for a woman.

Thanks guys,

She’s sore during sex, prohibiting her pleasure. My main concern was just that she might have a “small” vagina size and would always have a hard time. In that case I’d have to stop PE. I guess we just need some more practice. Sweet, sweet practice. If it still hurts her a few months down the road, then I’ll know to stop.


Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, at your current girth I don’t think she should have trouble adjusting, but there definitely are vaginal problems that can result in pain during sex. Give it some time and definitely check in with us to let us know how things develop ;) .

You need to understand that girth variances are smaller than length — 5.8” is a BIG girth, putting you in the very top percentage in that area. If she is smaller than average and you are way bigger, it COULD be an ongoing problem, but — I have never heard of a girl leaving a guy because he is too big. She will adjust, and psychologically, you are THE KING, anyway. Somewhere deep inside she feels proud, amongst other women, that she is fucking a guy with a cock big enough to hurt. Trust me.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

Yeah, just to clarify, I agree with dangleman that your current girth is very large — but it usually seems to require a freakish girth to cause pain during intercourse if the woman is well aroused and lubricated.

Alright guys, thanks for the help and encouraging words. My heart almost skipped a beat when the thought crossed my mind that I would have to give up PE. I mean, what would I do with myself? go to class? I never implied that I thought I was big, I thought she might be small. I’m not where near where I want to be. I’ll keep gaining, and soon I’ll be one of those great fits for most all women…or just my one lucky lady.

From a female perspective, it sounds like it might take some time. When a female first starts having sex, the vagina is pretty tight. Eventually it should loosen up but again, this may take time. Some girls never do and can’t accomodate larger penises. Others rather enjoy the pain :D It’s been a while since my first time and I can’t recall how long it took before the pain went away. Also, certain positions will exacerbate the problem. Try and avoid doing it doggy style or with her on top (unless she wants to control how far down she puts you in). Missionary without her legs in the air is probably your best bet. Plus it is more intimate and she might like that.

Although being lubed and relaxed helps, it might not solve the problem. You may want to try using your fingers on her first and stretching her out a bit before you insert your penis.

Regarding the PE — I would personally hold off as she is having a hard enough time with your size as it is. Give it some time and then see? Afterall, it sounds like you want her to find some pleasure in the sex and increasing your size isn’t going to help.

Lots of fore play and lots of oral. Learn to be a male tease. Now combine the two…

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks again for the help. Froco, your post helped me very much. You’re a wonderful asset to Thunders. :)

Thanks JoeCool. Keep up posted on your progress :)

For several months after the birth of our second child, intercourse was very painful for my wife. We had sex infrequently, which was part of the problem. After about 4 or 5 months of this, she and I both decided to try to work through the pain. She drank wine; I went slow and did lots of oral first. After about a month of this, all the pain was gone.

Since that time, I’ve started PE’ing and have gone from 5.1 to 5.8 girth. Still no complaints. No compliments, either. :(

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