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How to fix a curve

How to fix a curve

I’ve been wondering if it was possibel to go from a left curve penis to straight. Anyone know how?

Brother…..don’t I wish I knew. (check out my name)

A number of people swear by hanging to straighten a curve. Others think that exercises wherein you bend an erection against the curve works (I personally don’t buy this…and PLEASE know that it is dangerous).

I’ve been seeing a subtle change in mine through hanging (I curve left too).

Do a search for correcting a penis curve. There are a lot of posts on the subject.

Be careful Vic and keep in mind that a lot of people find a curve attractive. Guess how I know….



It depends on if that curve is ligament-related or a condition called “Peyronie’s”

But a lot of men report about their dicks pointing in either the right or left direction, so it’s not that uncommon. You could try and stretch your dick in the opposite direction, make sure you hit the ligs, and see what happens. It might take some time though. Be patient.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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