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How to Clamp Effectively Without Losing Erection Quality?

How to Clamp Effectively Without Losing Erection Quality?

I’ve been clamping with great success for about a year now - and I really don’t know how to determine what the best routine is for clamping. I tried doing every other day, with one 10-minute session. Saw nice gains, bumped it up to two 10-minute sessions every other day. So then I was making pretty good gains, but would randomly have extremely weak erections, almost like I was only getting 80% hard or so. So I took a week or two off, came back with one 10-minute session every other day. And now that feels like I’m overtraining. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I use a heating pad for 10 minutes before and after, warmup with about 5 minutes of wet jelqing to get blood flowing, etc.

And I’ve actually gotten MUCH more favorable results doing dangleman’s extreme clamping. Basically a few horse440 squeezes while in the clamp, but now I can barely stay hard?

I don’t know what the problem is doing PE every other day I wouldn’t think would affect my flaccid size and erection quality THIS much. :(

I kinda have this problem too. Although I know that it is simply because I have been desensitized to porn. When I’m actually having sex, I’m as hard as a rock.

Clamping is just really hard on the dick. I got to the point where I was bruising severely every time I clamped. I had to take MONTHS off before I was healed enough to clamp without turning black and blue.

Horny Bastard

That sometimes used to happen to me I had to bump up my in between wet jelgs to 10 minutes and the PI’s went crazy. Morning wood for about 30 minutes to an hour, no turtling etc. I do 3*10 minutes clamping and 10 minutes of jelging in between each set for a total of one hour

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