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How to build an invisible All-Day-Stretcher (cheap and simple)


Originally Posted by RisingUpTo7
Hey tnt, thanks for the link! Well, I havent been too successful, thats why i look for help. I didnt gain anything the last year :(
I ma laos not sure about the effectiveness of my ADS

If you google autoextender and go to the videos, you will see the silicone sleeves and how they
work. The link I sent you is that same sleeve. they are easy to make, I made one myself.

I built an All day strecther

Hey there

And thanks for sharing the All day stretcher design with us 10 years ago =) I BELIEVE in this design! It is basically doing the same thing as a fowfer when you sit on your penis between the cheeks.
What don’t get as easily with this design is the same amount of power to hold the penis in place (that you get while sitting on it) The force you need must is due to the belt on your waist staying in place steadily enough for the thread attached from your penis to be pulled back enough.

My experience is that the belt is pulled slightly downwards hence decreasing the stretch. If only the belt could be more steadily in place and not move when the thread of cloth was dragging it down then I Think this is really a
Stretcher worth going for!



Has anyone tried this and gotten noticeable results?

Want to add 3 inches in thickness have anyone gone down this road?

Originally Posted by Lenyar34

Want to add 3 inches in thickness have anyone gone down this road?

Maybe consider learning to use the :search: function and reading more, instead of asking random questions in threads that are essentially unrelated to your question. Want to add girth/thickness? Search out threads about girth.

:_pump: :donatecar

Hey guys, I am new to PE only about 2 months, have also been hanging for 2 months, I use a captn wrench, and also a noose style, I read somewhere that you can use ace bandage in place of the thera, which I have been doing (have tons laying around) lol, any way for the question, does the thera hold better, with the ace bandage the only hanger that seems to not slip is my noose but I have to tie very tight, and it causes alot of discolor and discomfort. I havent seen any gains yet, am currently hanging at 7 lbs 4-5 sets of 20 min on 10 min off a day, wanted to add ADS also, but I hate the simple ADS on my thigh or bellow my knee to awkward, I have been using it but with how tight I have to tie my noose it starts to hurt, and is very cold and blue after about 30 min to an hr. Please any help would be apreciated, I have read thru every thread I coukd think of and havent seen any with ace vs thera

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Wow please do everyone (especially yourself) a favor and run very far away from noose hanging or anything close to it.

I suggest you search for the various threads there are on wrapping, theraband should allow you to tighten the wrap more and should be less bulky . My guess is this will help the hanger to hold onto the wrap and shaft more.

It’s very likely you have more work , trials and errors to do before getting a grasp on how to use captain’s wench hanger.

Has anyone gotten any gains from using an all day stretcher?


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