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how to build a simple clamp for girth gains?

how to build a simple clamp for girth gains?


My girth gains are not increasing, so I am interested in making a clamp to increase girth gains? Can I have some input to achieve this?



You’re not in a position to purchase a cable clamp? They are very inexpensive, and high quality.

I know what I want, and I'm coming to get it.

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This is the kind of thing you are looking for. You may not have this brand where you are, but there might be something similar:

Monty has clamps, plus what he calls an “Air Clamp”, which looks really good to me. I don’t know if he ships internationally:

You should buy an brand name cable clamp. It is well worth the low cost. Also, look into buying a quality wrap. I used the oddest things (socks, scarves) until I finally bought a good wrap. Make the investment, it’s worth it.

Why don’t you try hand clamping for a month, once your clamped and maintain your erection and grip for say 10 minute sets.

You can also squeeze your Glans for that extra expansion.

It’s only an idea, but I gained around 1/4 ” girth in 2 months using this method.

I have cable clamps now but rarely use them I like my hands to much.

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