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How tight do you clamp?

I found that if I use a piece of foam (like what a comp. Memeory chip rests on during shipping) that I can get a good clamp without any pinch at all. Is very comfortable, and can crank it up real tight. I use a toilet paper tube for a measuring guide, and today couldn’t get the glans in.

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More infomation on the flexible vinyl clamp, please.


It is called a multi clamp made by camco. Can be found in the automotive section at wal-mart. If you do a google search for “camco multi clamp” you will find a ton of places online to order it. I think because of the flexibility and ease of use, this is easily one of the best clamping solutions to be had.

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I usually clamp it tight enough that no bloods going away and later on in the session when theres more expansion i let up a notch so the base can expand a bit more. I’ve clamped 40 min straight before no problems, by the way for you people who are afraid of clamping long, BUT I did build up to it in 5 min incriments over a couple months. Now days though I do 3 sets of 20 min with 5-10 min breaks inbetween, I just started that this week, and so far its given me the best expansion I’ve had.

Hi, question from newbie. Is it necessary to stay hard while clamping ?

The Camco clamp looks interesting; I’ll have to give it a shot. Using the mouse pad wrap or the mag-wrap I can click one clamp all the way right at the base. Man, I wish I could use things without wrap, but I have too much loose skin to get pinched. I keep waiting for one of the forums inventors to figure out a way to line the clamps with silicone. I’ve tried the tube (caulking gun kind) with no luck. But figuring out a way to lose the wrap would revolutionize clamping in my book.

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> But figuring out a way to lose the wrap would revolutionize clamping in my book.

Maybe you’re looking in the wrong direction. A wrap by itself works fine.

Thanks for all the replies everyone, but I see a lot of statements along the lines of “I clamp it as tight as I can get it.” I’m trying to get more of an idea of exactly how tight that is for each person.

i.e. My erect girth is 5.8”…..I clamp at the base to a girth of 3.5”

anyone else care to measure?

Well for me it varies. I can’t tell you an exact measurement because it all depends on how sore it makes me feel. I always clamp directly after doing my jelqs so sometimes I start out feeling fatigued, sometimes not. I just push it until it feels like my dick can’t accept any more blood without hurting something. So I think if it is measurements you are wanting, you are going to get a ton of different varying results that won’t nescessarily apply to you.

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The Camco multi-clamp has been discussed here before. Here are some posts:
"Power Uli Device"
Camco Multi-clamp at Walmart

I’ve been using mine for the past few days for some intense girth work. My super hot friend — who is easily the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world — told me she slept with some guy in Ireland once who had a dick as thick as her upper forearm, which appears to be about 7”. She says I’m already hung, but now I’ve upped my girth goal to 7. But, if I gain a 1/2 to 6.5 I’ll be happy. She says the guy was huge, but also a poor, drunken freak. (I’m usually only one or two of those things at a time.)

I use terry cloth wrist bands for wrap. I put the multi clamp tight around the base, and then when I’m really engorged I put a cable clamp up just under the glans. I do three or four sets of that with 10 minute pump sessions in between. This is very intense, advanced stuff, and should be done with extreme caution.

Clamping killed me. I clamped as hard as possible since I’m not all that strong, and I didn’t feel any bad kind of pain. It’s long duration/low intensity for me from now on.


Isn’t clamping for 10 minutes dangerous? Trapping blood in general for long periods of time allows toxins to build up in the blood stream and when it recirculates it can cause heart failure.

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That isn’t true. A lot of guys on this site start out black, so color isn’t always a good indication. :D

I think we know what he meant.

I have a question, regarding the penis turning purple and becoming cold…this happens to me towards the 7-10 minute mark, I clamp for 10 minutes. Is this a bad thing or is it normal? I would think this is normal since the object of clamping is keeping the blood in the penis, same thing when you tight a string around your finger, it becomes purple and cold. If I am wrong please correct me, When clamping I feel no pain or disconfort, except for an accidental pinch. I have no problems when clamping, just wondering about the temporary purple and coldness.

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So you are saying you have too much loose skin to clamp without a wrap, had anyone here succefully clamped without a wrap?

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I use a beer coozie as a wrap for clamping and it works great. The ones I am using are the soft neoprene type that are similar to mouse pads. I am mainly a lurker looking for info. I don’t post much because I feel I don’t have much to add.


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