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How the hell did this happen?

How the hell did this happen?

This morning, I did my usual stretching, followed by 150 - 4 second count wet jelqs, followed by about five minutes of balloning. With all that PE, I was nearly to 7” NBPEL (I know that 1/4” is because the tissue was stretched at the time). Anyway, later in the day I was looking at some porn and doing what guys do while they look at porn. I noticed that I looked pretty full, so I decided to measure again and see where I was. To my suprise, I strained to hit the 6 3/4” NBPEL mark. I normally hit this point as a standard. Is it possible that my girth was slightly increased at that point and that’s what made me look larger? I looked larger, and for a guy to be able to see that despite the way so many of us doubt our size, indicates that it was no joke. But, I can’t be sure. So, any thoughts? I’m not really disappointed, because I DID look bigger. It just wasn’t what I expected.

It is probably something to do with there being more pressure on the side walls of the shaft than there was on the end of the penis.

The orientation of the fibres in the tunica layers can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical- almost like a finger trap…

If you imagine there being more pressure on the sides of the fingert trap than there are on the ends, then it will become thicker, but shorter.

Perhaps the exercises you did caused cell growth at the tunica walls, putting more internal pressure on the sides rather than on the end of the shaft. This would thus lead to the tunica taking up more of a short and fat shape (although obviously there was only a VERY slight change).

Man of 10 has given a interesting analysis and seems to be well versed in those matters. I will say do not worry to much about it Andro; I know that a .25” seems a lot and rightfully so but there could be numerous factors for the temporary decrease in length.

My unit has varied a lot. You see that I am around 7.5” actually 7.6 the last time I measured however there was a time just a few months ago that I “shrunk” to around 7.2” and I could not understand what the hell was going on. Well it turns out that I had slept on my stomach and made my curve a little worse.

On my part I have also noted that “over enthusiastic ” PE can adversely effect my erection quality which affect size. I have read your account and I do not think there is anything to worry about in your case. Keep us posted.

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Its a mind thing. You might not have been as aroused s you think—so to speak. A 100% erection that is self induced, or i.s due through a porn scene that doesn’t 100% do it for you, isn’t as arousing as fucking/getting a bj

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You guys have given some good ideas. I’ve got to admit that I thought my erection level was pretty well up there, but who knows. I’ll entertain the possibility. I’m not really concerned with it. I’ll probably check it tomorrow and will find it has returned to its’ previous state.

Length and girth fluctuate every day due to so many variables. Your unit looking good to you is all that matters. A girl would be impressed. Ultimately that’s the goal right? Don’t sweat it.

I wish I could get my lady to measure me because I know I would be fully erect! Not sure how to go about asking her to do that though. I might have to wait until she’s a little tipsy this holiday season lol.

lol kegelman!

What pwpp said. Avoid becoming paranoid about your penis.

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