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How small do you get?


Yeah, I’m usually a shower, but I also get pretty severe shrinkage after an intense workout. To avoid the embarrassment, I always give my dick a tug or too before getting undressed in the locker room to shower. That usually helps, but it’s still significantly smaller than my normal hang.

When I am exerting myself, pushing as hard as absolutely possible my flaccid penis becomes slightly hard and loses blood, probably goes down to about 3 inches. I usually give it a few flicks to get the blood flowing down there again

Running and other cardio work always shrivels the penis I try to hold a kegel and sometimes it’s ok.

The smallest I get is about one inch, and when hard I get to 6.5 to 7 inches in length, lately I read 7 inches more and more. It’s quite amazing actually.


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