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How should i jelq?? (not-cut)

How should i jelq?? (not-cut)

i have been doing wet jelq’s but i think i read that un-cut people should do dry jelquing, is it true? how do i do them if so?


Uncut people can either wet or dry jelq the only problem with the uncut guys is that you may(or should i say will ) get extra unwanted foreskin which is the reason i gave up wet jelqing.Us uncut guys have the advantage of being able to jelq our whole penis in one stroke as long as you have enough skin.Cut guys have to dry jelq in two positions and tend to also stretch there skin too much with dry jelqing.

Personally i have more than enough foreskin, even with an erection my foreskin bunches up behind the head and when flacid it completely covers the head and even fold over(hard to explain).This is commonly unwanted by a lot of cut guys ,they want there glans exposed at all times and find it unattractive, to me it doesnt bother me.But then again if circumcision wasnt so brutal i wouldnt mind being partially cut, but not fully so that it classes me as cut.

I still havnt mastered the dry jelq and still havnt gotten the right feel for it, but this is what i do.

Firstly i cant dry jelq the entire shaft in one stroke, i know i said i have plenty of foreskin but if i was to jelq the whole shaft i would end up stretching the shaft skin and i dont want to do that, it would just defeat the purpose of switch to dry jelqing.

First of all do a warm up then get a partial but not full erection, make an O ring using your your thumb and index finger and place it about an inch or less from the base, at this point you dont want to apply pressure, just enough to hold the skin.Then pull the skin down to base and apply pressure and pull the skin and blood inside the penis up as far as you can go, once you reach the furthest point towards the head release the pressure but without releasing your hand slid it back to the base without rubbing the skin but rather moving the skin.Reapet

Ater that i grab from the middle or a bit further up and work the top half, i find this even more awkward and dosnt feel like its working.

Thats how it done or how i do it, you may want to jelq the whole shaft thats up to you.Why not give wet jelqing a go it a lot easier and the pump is better, well better for me any way.

What about using a cock ring to retain the foreskin while you’re wet jelqing? I’m uncut and have enough skin and I try to do this, ‘cause dry jelq is not easy for me >.>


what do you mean schmerz, holding the skin with a cock ring? Thats not going to help the skin will still be stretched.

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